Still Here, Still a Zombie

I just commented on Lynn's blog, which reminded me that she commented on my last post and made me think I WILL keep posting Lynn, I WILL. And then I didn't.

I'm tired today. This is sort of sucky because I haven't done that much to be tired from. BUT I did go to a play Friday night, a birthday party Saturday night, a dentist appointment Monday morning, a physio appointment Tuesday afternoon and several errand-ish places with Pam yesterday. SO this means I'm tired from doing SOME stuff, whereas for the past several weeks before this one, I was exhausted from doing almost nothing. A tiny, barely-discernible, possibly-invisible-to-the-naked-eye amount of improvement has taken place.

Soooo, what has flitted through my mind recently that I thought I might blog about and then didn't? I worked a little bit. There was a pair of twins in one of the classes at a Glebe school whose names were so wondrously harmonious that I immediately wanted to write a series of books about their madcap adventures. Then the next day I found out that they had an older brother whose name was just as fabulous. I texted Hannah and Nicole, but I probably shouldn't reveal their names in their glorious entirety here, but guys, I REALLY WANT TO.

Matt agreed to give a talk about possible careers in science to some high school teachers on a professional development day. He paced around musing about what level to pitch the talk at, what things to include, and kept saying he felt like he was overthinking it. I said "hon, you sound just like me trying to pick a book for storytime".

I read a French book about octupuses for storytime. Did you know that octupuses have one brain in their head and SMALLER ONES IN EACH ARM? Is this one of those things that everyone knew and I didn't? I would erase it for fear of mockery, but if I can share this with even one person, it will have been worth it.

I revisited my intention to read all the Newbery award winners, realized how few I'd actually gotten to and how very many were left and felt a little discouraged. Then I found three or four on the shelves at one of my schools, borrowed them over the week-end and felt better. Zombie blog - no deadlines. I will review them soon. Probably.

Every few days I go on Twitter and try to go to bat a little for my Twitter friends who are gay or trans and take a lot of shit on social media - not because I really believe I'm going to change anyone's mind, but that whole thing about it being more important for the others who are listening, you know? This invariably results in a few troglodytes calling me unsavoury names. A couple of weeks ago when I objected to someone characterizing trans people as sick and perverted, he retorted "and you are a fat, ugly slob." Isn't that, like... I dunno, almost quaint? I mean, yeah, it's stupid that men especially think that the very worst thing you can call a woman is fat, and the fact that he would think that some Trump-supporting brain-dead red-neck asshole not finding me attractive would be upsetting to me is weird, but I was kind of like, hey, the 1970s called, they want their insult back. What's this weak sauce, man - you can't even bestir yourself to muster up a "bitch" or "cunt"? And then one of my very sweet friends reported him and he got suspended! For fat, ugly slob! I reported someone on Facebook for saying that women soldiers should be used as human shields for male ones and nothing! WHERE IS THE BALANCE?

I finished rereading this book today and it made me cry again. It is a very, very good book.

So. How are you?


StephLove said…
I'm sorry things are still pretty rough, even if you are feeling mildly better. Better is good. I hope the trend continues.

Swistle said…
I totally recognize that feeling of exhausted from doing a few things rather than exhausted from doing nothing, and that is a very happy improvement.
I had no idea about the octopus brain situation and I am now looking at them in a whole new light.
Lynn said…
I *also* did not know the octopus thing! Is this for real? I am kind of freaked out, to be honest. Why aren't Octopuses ruling the world already? OR MAYBE THEY ARE.

This could explain a lot.

I am dying, DYING to know the magical names of the three children. I hope you will at least write a 300 word story and post it on Facebook as "fiction" so I can sigh dreamily and then be bitter that I didn't think of them first. Don't rob me of bitterness, it may be all that keeps me alive during this weekend's camping trip!
I am sorry things are not all chipper yet, but I am happy (as always) to see you here.

We were just watching a thing on Octopuseseses (Octopi! Whatever. My way is more fun.) the other night and they are so amazing - and freaky! We watched one defend itself from a shark (a pyjama shark!) by shoving its tentacles into the shark's gills to stop it from breathing and when the shark stopped struggling attacking the Octopus darted away.

I'm with Lynn up there. Maybe they are ...

Also, internet jerkiness is at an all time high. It's true. There is no balance. Why do those men hate us?!? What the actual!!?? Gah!

Okay, happy Friday! I have to go think about something happy. Andy Lassner on Twitter is happy-making. maybe I'll go peruse his time line.

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