Eve Decorates Christmas Cookies: Second Annual Edition

Well it was more of an addendum to my last post of last year, but I still found it enjoyable.

She started out pretty traditional. She was frustrated trying to find her technique with the icing again. She didn't feel like this was an adequate representation of her abilities.

A little more uniform here. 

"Wow, I mean, I really am quite incredibly talented. I'm surprised I didn't see it before. I should try something hard."

"Like a horse. I'm going to do a horse".

"Oh my God, I amaze myself. I am amazing. What do you mean a horse isn't Christmassy? It's a talent thing. You just don't get it."

"It needs a hair tie."

(At this point, she giggled so much Matt asked if she was drunk.)

"Well obviously this is heartbreakingly beautiful. How could anyone bring themselves to eat it?" (Angus says he'll eat it, Eve is offended).

(She searched through the sprinkles, found an orange star and broke off an arm for the carrot nose. I was kind of impressed by that.)

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Then. This happened. 

It was supposed to be a T-Rex, then things went horribly wrong. She asked Angus what he thought it was and he guessed the Intact Insurance lizard. She broke a gingerbread man in half to make it look like it was being eaten, but then said it looked more like a binky. 

Finally: "Okay, now - how do you make a pentagram. And I need five different kinds of sprinkles. For the five signs for summoning Santa."

(A gingerbread man in a pool of blood is apparently a seasonal motif here now.)


StephLove said…
I want to make cookies at your house and sit back and let Eve decorate them.
Nicole said…
Oh my god I love her. I could never bring myself to eat those works of art. I don’t even know which is my favourite. ALL OF THEM
S said…
What Nicole said.
Swistle said…
Ditto Steph Lovelady.

I noticed the horse's hair decor immediately. So fancy!

I thought the snowman was really good too; I too am impressed by the carrot.
the queen said…
You are killing me. This is hilarious.
Next year, I am *totally* coming over to decorate cookies with Eve!

She's awesome!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that 2018 is off to a fabulous start!

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