Yep. It Happened.

Yesterday was the first time in .... (counts on fingers).... about nine years that I missed a day in NaBloPoMo.

Not for any really good reason. I slept in, did a few miles on the treadmill, did some reading, went out for a nice dinner for a friend's birthday. Didn't drink too much, got home before midnight. Got ready for bed and realized I hadn't posted. Went through the dumbest mental debate imaginable: Should I go down and post something? Just to say I posted? Even though I don't have anything to say really and it would literally be a couple of meaningless sentences? But posting every day is literally the point. But it's really an arbitrary thing, nothing really important rests on it.

So this might bother me for the rest of the month. This might mean NaBloPoMo is over for me. I don't know. I guess we'll see.

I desperately need to get a bunch of stuff out of the house. I feel buried under crap. There is disorder in almost every single direction I look (directly to the right in the family room isn't bad) - open floor plans are kind of a curse for this kind of thing. Why do I always have just a few more cans and jars than will fit in the cupboard? I was in a period where I just didn't see it for a while and now I can't stop seeing it and something must be done.

I went into Indigo to get a birthday present for my friend yesterday and managed not to buy any books. This is not in any way a heroic feat and yet right now it feels like a heroic feat.

It is cold but sunny, which Eve hates because she feels like the sun is mocking her. I like it, though, so I'm going to walk the dog and try to shake off this gloom.


Nicole said…
I hope it’s not over because I love reading your stuff! Can you post twice in a day to make up for it or is that against the rules?
Anonymous said…
Just posting to say that over the course of about six weeks, I took about 8 garbage bags of clothes, blankets, and sundry items to Goodwill, 2 canvas grocery bags of books to the used bookstore, and put several bags of out-and-out trash (mostly too-stained clothes) in the trash. I also put some organizer bins in the kitchen medicine cabinet and in the pantry and labeled them with what they're supposed to contain.

The effect has been fairly miraculous on the house-- much easier to keep clean. And I'm happy to open cabinets that previously annoyed me every time I opened them up. If you have an hour, I highly recommend deciding to pick one spot to hit--a closet, a cabinet, whatever, and then just do it.

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