A former friend just tweeted that she has serious reservations about the mental health of people who can't cope with Daylight Saving Time.

I can't say I'm terribly surprised - when someone routinely says mean things the shock value wears off after a while. It just made me stop and think for a moment. I do, in fact, have mental health issues, and I do find that Daylight Saving Time makes them worse for a little while. I feel off-kilter, more anxious, never sure I'm in the right place at the right time, and tired. Which doesn't seem that weird, really. We literally CHANGE THE CLOCKS. By some weird decree from on-high, we take this huge fiction that our lives are quite literally built on, and agree by another enormous fiction that it's different now. For about six months, when we'll all (except our wise, wise sister Saskatchewan) change it back. How can this not have some effect on many people?

So, yeah. Sometimes something is true and saying it still makes you a huge dick.

I always find referring to Swistle's post helpful in this trying time.

I remember the cruel realization when we had our first baby, that Fall Back actually DIDN'T mean an extra hour of sleep anymore. It just meant your kid was now crying to get up at five instead of six. I have teenagers now, and I still sleep like one, so at least we have that back.

I wish I could think of something funny to add, but it's raining and dark again, the house is a bloody mess and... well, it's okay. I'm going to clean up the kitchen, put out the garbage, then go cocoon with Eve upstairs and read for a few hours until we have to figure out what time we should be hungry.

Also, while Googling desultorily about the evils of DST, I found an episode of the Powerpuff Girls where the girls are so exhausted from all the superheroine-ing that they fall asleep in school and the teacher tries to get them banned from saving everyone. Then the Professor realizes that it's Daylight Saving Time and everyone sets the clocks back so the girls get another hour of sleep. Dammit, I was going to say that DST almost stopped the FREAKING WORLD FROM BEING SAVED, but now I realize it's the opposite. Well what do you expect, it's a stupid cartoon. I'll bet Batman doesn't set his clocks back.


StephLove said…
I prefer the switch when you get an extra hour, of course, but I would joyfully give it up not to have to ever change the clocks again. I wouldn't even care whether we stayed on standard time or stayed permanently on DST. Just not to have to change every six months would be enough.
Nicole said…
"Figure out what time we should be hungry" - the dog was following me around from 4:30 to 5:15 yesterday in this very annoying way, until Mr said "maybe he's hungry, with the time change and all." Well, he's a dog, so he would eat every waking minute if he could but YES. Poor Barks doesn't understand the ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCT THAT IS TIME CHANGE.

And yeah, something may be true - or it may not - but saying mean things just for the sake of saying them makes one an asshole. Particularly saying things about a potentially fragile portion of the population.

Goddammit, some people are just plain awful. I try to be empathetic to such people, but honestly, at some point you just have to admit that no, that's not acceptable. Being rude, mean, and nasty are not acceptable in society.
Lynn said…
I am miles, miles behind on my blog reading so just catching up now. So let me say: it is SUCH a pleasure having you back for non-NaBloPoMo (if it doesn't exist anymore...shall we rename it?). Your voice is lovely, even when bitchy or sad. Maybe especially then.

Also: I just adore the Powerpuff Girls. I own the whole series on DVD. They are the bomb diggity!

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