MoPoBloNa Backwards

It's really unfortunate that NaBloPoMo isn't starting on a Surly Thursday because HOLY FUCK today is chapping my ass. It was stupid hot all of October, and I wished for cooler temperatures - apparently we only get those with apocalyptic amounts of rain and a wind that is basically a douchebag in weather form. Also, I cooked rice and it tastes like ass, and I don't even know if it's the rice or me, but at the moment I don't trust either of us.

Last year the volleyball team, including Angus, went to the final and he told us not to come but then said we probably should have because they bussed fans in and it was a really cool atmosphere and they won. So this year we figured we'd go, but (of course) Matt's going to be in Asia. And it's in the evening, at some far-away high school, and if I go I'll be alone, which I hate.

BUT I did have a lovely visit with a woman I used to volunteer at my kids' elementary school with and I think I'm going to volunteer for the Scholastic Book Fair just for fun. AND at the awards ceremony we found out that Angus got the honour roll last year and the award for the highest mark in grade 11 World History (pretty much solely because he had the most amazing teacher ever, who I wish would do a Boy Meets World thing and transfer to teach at whatever university Angus goes to next year.

I don't feel great. I feel like I can do one busy day and then I'm flat out for the entire next one. I guess maybe this is a slight improvement over the summer when I couldn't do more than one thing on any day. It's hard to tell at this point. My doctor retired and I'm sure her replacement is lovely, but getting down to where she is has been a massive stress trigger, so I found a woman doctor in a small town much closer to here, and she's related to Eve's best friend and I tend to be a big fan of Greek women, so here's hoping.

Remember when I said I was bad at rereading and making an effort to change? Well, it turns out (brace yourselves for a massive shock) that I'm also bad at moderation. This came (yay!):

So I read it, and then the next two in the trilogy. Then I went onto the library ebooks to see if anything was new or interesting and saw American Gods, so, well, maybe I'm just a rereader now. Who needs new books anyway? Such a high chance of disappointment.

This reminds me that Goodreads has also been pissing me off - I keep trying to show that I've read the books THIS year, while recording in the review the first year that I read them. I'm doing it the way they say I should, but they keep not showing up in my book list from this year. I finally figured out that I could delete them and re-add them, but I shouldn't HAVE to, and why can't things just FUCKING WORK?

In conclusion, if there was a month where I was going to force myself to blog every day, this is probably the worst possible choice. Cheers. Onward.


StephLove said…
Well, I'm reading this on a Thursday, if that helps.

Congrats to Angus.
Nicole said…
Same as Steph!

Yay, you're blogging lots! I'll be reading lots. Congrats, Angus - that's awesome news! xo
Yay all the good stuff! That's great about Angus. Good for him. Thing 1 had a teacher in grade 4 and 5 and I wish he could have been his Feeny. Honest to goodness.

Boo all the bad stuff. Though, I kind of enjoy a good surly Thursday, if I'm being honest.

I am excited for your Scholastic Fair adventures. Don't forget to ask Nicole (HI NICOLE!) how much the posters are, you know, just to be sure. :)

Goodreads annoys me, too. I have a love/hate relationship with it. On the one hand it's cool and it's fun to see what people are reading, but on the other hand it's another thing I have to do. Why? Why can't I just read? Dammit. So, that's what I've done. I have a book in there as "currently reading" and it's been the same forever so really I look like I need remedial Goodreads classes. Meh.

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