In Which Angus and I Keep Yelling "Choose Me!" to Various Bodies and Organizations

I'm still looking for a job, I'm just not being as much of a loud-mouthed schnook about it (see? I CAN SO learn stuff!). When I have spare time I go on job sites and noodle around looking at what's available in my area. Apparently if you want a job trying to sell cars it's really, really easy to get one. Unfortunately, I suck hard at selling anything. Back in high school I took singing lessons from a lovely older lady named Betty. For a while, my friend Rachelle took them too and we had consecutive lesson times. Betty said Rachelle was better at selling herself, and if we had to sell a pencil, Rachelle would have people in a bidding war over it while I would be standing there quietly saying "it's a ... pretty good pencil. It can make a decent mark."

There were a couple of openings for fork lift operator too. Now that I would like to take a crack at. As far as library openings, right now, "Hey!", I yelled to Matt, "I could drive the bookmobile!" He reminded me that I've cracked both a taillight AND a rear bumper on a vehicle that is significantly shorter than a bookmobile. We decided I probably shouldn't drive the bookmobile, for the comfort and safety of readers everywhere.

Then I came across an ad that said "straight truck operators needed" and yelled "Hey!" again, feeling super offended for Amanda, among others, and then.... oh. It's actually called a straight truck. Hmph. That's a little heteronormative, but fine.

We've signed Angus up with an organization that helps guide him through the college baseball recruiting process. He emailed a bunch of U.S. college coaches yesterday. He immediately got a response back from Princeton. It said "you have to have 1400 SAT scores and a 3.7 average for us to even look at you, but, you know....thanks for the email". DIDN'T WANT TO GO TO YOU ANYWAY, PRINCETON. Angus said "pretty much everywhere I looked at costs way too much. I could get a 95% scholarship and have to say 'still no way in hell....but thanks for the email.'" This kind of thing sometimes makes me feel like I've failed as a parent, because if I'd gone back to work sooner we might be in a better position financially. The problem with the unquantifiable benefits of having been a stay-at-home parent is that, well, they're hard to quantify. Angus seems pretty sanguine about it all, though. It's kind of a 'let the chips fall where they may' situation. I'm not sure why he can't just go to Western and live less than an hour from my sister and capitulate to our plan to trade kids for university (my niece could to to Carleton or Queens, everybody gets a little independence but not four thousand miles worth, IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK??). Ahem.

The boys are in Florida for a baseball showcase. Angus asked me to look up the weather there last night. I said "twenty-eight, twenty-eight, twenty-eight, twenty-eight". He said "rain?" I said "No. And screw you."

Now going to walk my dog in the rain. Again. Happy Friday.


StephLove said…
I think someone will chose you and him, because you are both awesome.
Nicole said…
I agree with Steph! The perfect thing is just waiting for the both of you, I am sure of it.

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