Glad I Put All That Forgetfulness Business Behind Me

Matt: "What are you making?"

Me: "Trifle."

Matt: "What for?"

Me: "Remember? We usually go overnight to Collette's father's cottage, and go shopping and have lunch in Westport and then make dinner and play drunken Cranium at the cottage? But this year Collette can't come because they're going to the Grey Cup, and she wanted us to go to the cottage without her, but that seemed weird to us so we're just going for the day and then doing potluck at Janet's? And I'm doing dessert?"

Matt: "Cool. Why two kinds?"

Me: "I'm making the lemon raspberry because Collette doesn't really like chocolate."

Matt: "...."

Me: "Yep, I heard it."


StephLove said…
Does it make you feel better that I had to read it twice to get it?

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