Dead Like Me

Hannah reminded me yesterday that BlogHer doesn't even EXIST anymore, and BlogHer was the reason NaBloPoMo existed, so now I feel kind of dumb. I mean, I never really did it as part of the big BlogHer thing anyway, I only added my name to the massive blogroll a couple of times and every time I found someone I liked via the massive blogroll they seemed to stop blogging three days later (presumably not just because I started following them, although, shit, now I'm worried that maybe it was just because I started following them). There were prizes, but you couldn't win them if you were in Canada. So it was just something I did, because after Halloween there was just this bleak Novemberish stretch of cold and rain and ennui until I started panicking about Christmas, and it seemed like a good distraction.

But also, BlogHer being gone is just another sign that blogging is dead, right? And yet, here I am, rambling and shambling on like I don't even know it. OMG, I HAVE A ZOMBIE BLOG. Kind of fitting, because I am in search of a brain - it just happens to be my own.

I watched the first episode of The Walking Dead, and at the end I felt like I'd looked away at a crucial moment and missed something and didn't really know what was going on. I didn't watch it while it was on last year, but my PVR kept recording all the episodes, so at the end of the season I watched it all, skipping over Glenn and Abraham dying, because although I used to pride myself on watching scary movies and never, ever looking away, I'm at the point in my life where I've realized that I just don't want to see some things. There were some good moments, but the series just doesn't hold me anymore. I also tried to read the graphic novels, but I think I'm just not really a graphic novel person, except for Alison Bechdel's Fun Home which, come on, is a work of absolute fucking genius. I kind of want to know how the tv series is different, though, so maybe I'll force myself.

On a sort of similar subject, I'm rereading American Gods, and it's the... the... you know, like the Director's Cut, but for books. And almost nothing I've read yet seems remotely familiar other than that the guy's name is Shadow and there are gods, and I'm wondering if this is because this version is substantially different or if my memory just really is that b.... never mind, I'm not actually wondering, I think we all know the answer.

I just took Lucy out for a walk because the rain was supposed to stop at noon for, like, twenty minutes or something. It didn't. I'm going to go have a shower.


Nicole said…
I was never even ON the blog roll!

I know what you mean, though, I'd start following someone excitedly - new friend! - and then they'd disappear. IT TAKES A LOT TO KEEP GOING THE WAY WE HAVE, ALLISON!

Not sure why I all-caps'd that.
StephLove said…
I think Fun Home ruined me for other graphic novels, too. Even the March trilogy, which is undeniably good and important, but it took me a long time to stop wanting the psychological depth and detailed art work of Bechdel while I was reading it.
I think if you want to NaBloPoMo do it! Keep that flame alive!

I can’t watch Walking Dead though I read about it so I know what horrors it brings. I did read some of the graphic novels, because I love graphic novels, and then I stopped because things got really gross in the, too and I am just done with that sort of thing. I own, and have read American Gods but I have no real memory of what happened in it besides a vague recollection that I liked it at one time.
slow panic said…
Loved American Gods.

I keep watching The Walking Dead but I’m not really liking it.

This would be a whole lot easier if I had more free time, a clone, and a blog that wanted to in an way shape or form behave exactly perfectly when I need it to the most.

And yes. I am with Nicole (HI NICOLE!) where are my BlogHer friends and why did they change completely yet when I sign in I am redirected to a new place and what even does any of that mean anyway?!?!? *pant pant pant*

Trying. I'm trying. Gosh darn it. 30 posts in 30 days. NO ONE SAID ONE A DAY!! (and if they did I didn't hear it... so ..)

Yay, loopholes!

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