Day 27

Eve came home from school and asked if we could go on a field trip to Indigo because yet another book in the School For Good and Evil had come out and she had a million gift cards - she offered to buy me a book for taking her, as if getting me to go to a bookstore needs additional inducement.

We got there and I only mocked her a little when we found the book shelved in Fiction 9-12. I think it makes a pleasing contrast that she's going to be reading this alternating with It.

Then we got hot chocolate and drove around to drop off some boxes I had for Facebook group members who are collecting stuff for the homeless or for their kids' school's Christmas bazaar, which was good because my usual M.O. is to collect a bunch of stuff, leave it sitting in boxes on my dining room table until the deadline for dropping it off has passed, chuck it all at Value Village and feel like a giant failure.

On the way home, we were talking about cooking class and scary Italian Youtube cooks and bad translations and somehow I was reminded of that time Eve said something horribly inappropriate to a friend's daughter who was adopted from China. So naturally I merrily told her about it, while she wailed in mortification and covered her ears. She said she didn't remember most of it except the last part - "How did they get rid of the kid? Spin it around three times and run away?"

Then we came home and she went upstairs to work on her soup Powerpoint, and I sat down at the computer and there was trigonometry on it, and now I'm listening to Matt telling Angus "the sine doesn't care what goes on here", so I'm going to beat a hasty retreat to a less math-y environment.

Also, I didn't buy a book. My self-restraint is mighty. Fear me.


StephLove said…
My 9 to 12 year old doesn't want to read anything from the middle grades section of the bookstore (roughly equivalent, I think) just on principle. We were struggling over this over the weekend while Christmas shopping. Actually we struggle about everything these days.
Nicole Boyhouse said…
You went to the bookstore and didn't buy a book! That's impressive!

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