Some Things That Happened This Summer

I applied to Indigo and got an invitation to submit a video interview the next day. I keep trying to feel anxious about going back to work, but I keep realizing that I'm really looking forward to getting out of the house a few times a week, hanging out around books and contributing a little to the family finances. I think I'm really ready. One might argue that it's way past time for me to be ready, but one could then be cordially invited to take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. I refuse to get nervous about an interview, because I think they'd be daft not to hire me, so I'm willing to let things unfold as they may.

My reading mood was weird over the summer. I couldn't read anything dense or challenging, and I read overall much less than usual. A few weeks ago I did what I always say I never do and put a bunch of holds on at the library that all came in at once. Then I read eleven books in eight days, so I'm feeling better about that whole end of things. It's like the reset button has been hit on a few things, which gives me hope that last year wasn't actually the start of a giant downward slide ending in death.

The summer was good. Really good. One thing that happened was that we got one of those picnic blankets that's soft on the top and waterproof and slippery on the bottom and folds up neatly with built-in carrying straps. It comes in a perfect bundled-up package, and you bring it somewhere and unfold it and experience its lovely soft waterproofness:

Then you spend the rest of your life trying to get it back into that state of pristine perfection, (which is not helped by the fact that one side is insanely slippery),

....with very occasional success.


StephLove said…
Good luck with the interview. What kind of job is it?

I'm glad you're feeling back on track with reading. (I checked on Goodreads. Your slow year is 23 books ahead of my faster-than-last year.)

Nicole Boyhouse said…
OMG that is me with folding anything at all. One of the things I do at the studio after class is to neatly fold up the blankets and stack them. One woman there has this down to a science, all the blankets look exactly the same, super neat. Me, they are all different thickness and no matter how I try, asymmetrical. Obviously there are larger problems than this but still. I also can't fold a fitted sheet worth shit. I try, oh my god, do I try. I try all time...and I pray, oh my god do I pray, I pray every single day, for a sheet revolution...
Dimitra said…
Of course Eve figured it out!

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