In Which I Recommence Blogging

So what happened was I took an accidental break. Then I noticed the accidental break and decided to follow it up with an on-purpose break. Last year was pretty rocky for me mentally and emotionally, not for any good reason (wait, what would a GOOD reason be? Training for the Depression Olympics?), but it took virtually everything I had just to keep my family fed and in clean(ish) clothes and get everyone where they had to go. So I stopped blogging.

I will now un-stop blogging. Because I missed it a lot. Because when posts come up in my Facebook memories I often read them and think, goodness, I really am incredibly witty on occasion. Because stuff happens and I immediately start shaping it in my mind into blog-post form. Because my memory is absolute shit and this is one good way of remembering anything that happens to me ever.

Besides, Angus is driving now, so I suddenly have more spare time, even when Matt is in L.A. or Bulgaria or whatever. Guess where I'm not right now? Sitting in a gym parking lot in Kanata. Of course, this also means I'm not able to pick up the buttermilk I forgot earlier today at the Kanata Metro on the way home, but... hey, did I mention Angus is driving now?

How many posts can I get out of our summer, which included baseball, Bluesfest and babies? A goodly number, I'm betting. And it's okay if there's no one reading for a while. Like I said, my memory is crap, after a few days I can be my own reader.


D said…
Yay!! Glad you're back.
StephLove said…
Glad to see you back at it.
Nicole said…
Yay yay YAY. I love your writing. You are so funny and witty and I don't mind telling you that sometimes I'll creepily read your old posts that I love so much that I have them on permanent bookmark. SO THERE. If you don't post new things I'll be forced to re-read and maybe even re-comment on all your old posts :) I kid. I kid. (or do I? I'm giddy with excitement to see this in my reader today, probably am not making sense.) I feel like Buddy the Elf right now. I love you I love you I LOVE YOUUUUUU
E. said…
Hurray! My blog-reading life is looking up once more... I love your writing!
Bibliomama said…
You are all so very, very lovely and I love you all.
My tummy just did a little nervous flip. (It's the most exercise I've had in months, so thanks for that.)

I am so happy to see a new post. (No judgement. Hello! Apparently, I have a blog, too. *shrugs* Tomorrow. I'll deal with that tomorrow.)

I have been coming back here over and over to check up on your blog and read posts. Not in a creepy way, I assure you!

Yay! Go, you!
bringatorch said…
YES!!! Depression Olympics! My event is the Depression Decathlon!
Dimitra said…
Yay! I'm so happy that you're back! Now my family will be asking me, yet again, "what are you laughing at?", and have the satisfaction of not telling them! Xo

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