In Which Defeat is Only the Tiniest Bit Agonizing

I have a friend who posted her engagement on Facebook a few years ago, and then confided that she felt stupid for having done so when it fell through. I told her she shouldn't feel that way at all, because her real friends wouldn't feel anything but sympathy and she had nothing to be embarrassed about. But I confess that I felt slightly the same way about broadcasting my first job interview attempt in twenty or so years in serene confidence that it would go positively and then.... well....

True, I could have slunk away and licked my wounds in private then. But in all honesty, people, is that ever how I roll? Let's see: depression posts; period posts; condom posts.... NOPE.

It's all very well to say that clearly I was overqualified and they were just afraid I wouldn't stay long. The bottom line is that I put myself out there and they said no thanks. And that stings a little. But it was still a good experience. Before I whipped that application together I was paralyzed at the thought of trying to put together a resumé after so much time. Now I know I can, and I can get a response, even if it's ultimately not the response I want.

Plus, now I can go to my friends' cottage this week-end instead of working. We all went to the bar last night (we do most Tuesdays, I wasn't deciding to chuck the employment idea and just become a barfly) and when they invited us to the cottage I said I would only come if I could get drunk and belligerent and tear up Indigo bookmarks. One of the hosts looked concerned and said I should bring my own because they don't have that many. (Silly. I wasn't really going to do it. One does not rip up a perfectly good bookmark even in the face of cruel rejection).

Also, I was going to have to call Zarah and say, in a good news/bad news kind of way, I can't do our girls' week-end this fall because I have a job. Now it's a bad news/ good news kind of thing. Which is good, because somehow circumstances have evolved to the point where I can only buy bras at this little shop in Barrie, and I need a new one. So, Zarah... call me.

A couple more things that happened this summer:

Zarah and the kids came for Bluesfest:

We all fell even more in love with Melissa Etheridge:

There was a lot of reading:

Oh, and Eve and Alex got haircuts.

Then we got ice cream. Obviously. 


Sasha said…
Yay you for putting yourself out there!!! That's crazy-brave, like storm-the-ramparts-howling-like-a-banshee brave. And you've survived a group interview and lived to tell about it! (no really, do tell)

I also didn't succeed in my first job interview a few months ago. I know all too well how freaking nerve wracking it is to put yourself out there for a first interview after many years not doing so. And yes, not getting the job does hurt the pride a little, but I am sure this was just a little blip. A bump. A learning moment if you will (gag). I just know you are destined to work in a library. How could you not? You ARE the Bibliomama after all!
Denise Nielsen said…
I remember being torn apart by a lovely kind rejection for a job I - and they - thought I was perfect for (only, sadly, someone else was more perfect).

Then I got another job, and that ultimately led to a job that wa even more of a perfect fit than the first.

So yeah.... insert cliche about doors closing, windows opening here.

StephLove said…

Onward and upward... At least you have the first interview under your belt now.
Nicole said…
So proud of you, my friend! And I do believe there will be another opportunity right around the corner. xo
Nat said…
You also forgot the bit about how we can now get together if we both feel like we have the social energy to do so...

Really, it's Indigo's loss. xo
Aw. Drat! Sorry about that. :(

It's most definitely their loss.

You put a resume together, though - so daunting - and now you are all up to date for the next opportunity. I think you are the winner, here.

Here's to lots of Fall fun with your good friends. I can tell you have amazing ones.

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