WTF Just Happened?

Everything kind of hit the fan at four o'clock today. Lucy's sister dog from next door had escaped her back yard, so I had told next door where she was and brought her in to play with Lucy, and they frolicked in the garden before running back in the house with dirty paws. I was finishing a batch of pumpkin scones and making Angus a snack before his workout. I tried to bring Riley home, but she took off into the street just as two students were walking home and Matt was driving home to try to figure out why the TV wasn't working (I told him it could wait until he got home from Quebec City but he came home anyway). The two students kept Riley in one place so I could grab her and fortunately no other cars came, so I returned her to her house. Matt came in and was fiddling with the tv cables while I was trying to figure out Angus's report card (I have a habit of confusing the median with his actual mark), making a sandwich and trying to figure out who pulled all the cables out of the tv (it was probably the cleaning lady). Matt had to go back to the van to find his reading glasses. Angus was eating his sandwich and trying to pull on running shorts. I was flipping out over realizing that chemistry (hard class, difficult teacher) had resulted in an 84 mark with a 70 class median, GO ANGUS. Matt got ready to go to the airport, pulled me close for a kiss and said "be naked when I get home". I said "you're coming home at nine tomorrow. I'll be at World Trivia Night." He rolled his eyes and yelled good-bye to Eve up the stairs. I reminded him Eve was at band practice.

Matt left for the airport. Angus left for baseball. I'm sitting here surrounded by pumpkin scones, scattered report card papers and puppy paw prints, with the sports channel still blaring.

Life is so weird.


StephLove said…
I wish I could come to your house to distract myself with the chaos and eat scones.

That's interesting they give you the class median. We only get that for standardized tests (county and state averages).
Kathleen said…
LOVE this post.
and I appreciate your Nov efforts.
Keep 'em coming.

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