Surly Thursday (not really)

Truthfully, I can only really be surly at myself today. And the stupid fucking weather. Doesn't it suck how much you think you won't fall prey to the inevitable depredations of aging and yet inevitably you end up needing reading glasses and hating fucking winter, when a few short years ago you blithely declared that you would miss living through the full might of all four seasons?

I had to go to the gym and a few stores to get ingredients for a dinner party recipe for the week-end. It was snowing and there was snow on the ground. I could have worn my old Bogs, which are no good for my back at this point but I wasn't going to have to walk a lot and I had my running shoes for the gym. Didn't. I could have worn my Docs, which would have at least offered nominal protection from the snow. Didn't. I slipped my feet into these low, fur-rimmed things I bought to walk Lucy around the block in the fall. The snow looked fluffy and light, but was actually heavy and wet and disintegrating into slush already, and here I was shuffling around in the equivalent of bedroom slippers.

And then there's the endless annoyingness of 'should I wear a jacket?' 'yeah, I should wear a jacket, it's cold, wearing jackets is what normal people do', 'now I'm too hot. I'm taking my jacket off', 'everybody's looking at me because I'm not wearing a jacket. Plus there's the slippers.'

Anyway, I made it to the stupid gym, and did my stupid workout, and almost left before remembering to change my stupid gym shorts back to leggings. Stupid Loblaws didn't have fresh sage, but Farm Boy did. I managed to get in and out of the Bulk Barn with only two things that weren't on my list, which has to be some kind of record.

I came home and decided to shovel the driveway since I was already sweaty and soggy. I put on sensible boots first. Lucy tore around in the snow and chased the shovel and was generally hilarious. Then I ate a grapefruit from the box of grapefruits that we bought from Tanis's daughter's band or something, and the grapefruit was magical. And the stupid slipper boots weren't even that wet.


StephLove said…
I keep needing stronger and stronger reading glasses. My eye doctor is in the habit of telling me I'm "not eighteen any more." I bet he gets invited to a lot of parties.

I'd be fine with a three-season climate at this point. I think having milder winters than you I'd still be on the 4-season team if not for the f--ing snow days.
Nicole said…
I love this. "And then there's the slippers."

When I was pregnant, I thought I would be super fashionable and cute, and by the end my feet couldn't fit into anything at all so I shuffled around in knockoff Birkenstocks that were loosened to the last possible notch, and were still uncomfortable. I should have just worn slippers.

I pretty much hate being cold so winters are hard on me. I don't think I would miss all four seasons but you never know. I do have lots of super-warm boots and winter wear to combat things.

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