It's Friday

It's Friday, so I ripped off something funny from Facebook again.

I'm also musing about how on earth, after looking at every single container of plain Greek yogurt at Loblaws trying to find one made with whole milk, and failing, and deciding to just get 2% milk fat stuff instead of 0%, I came home with Greek yogurt that was not only 0% BUT VANILLA-FLAVOURED.

At least I was wearing sensible boots.


Swistle said…
My quest for yogurt that CONTAINS ACTUAL FAT is...well. It is upsetting, and on the wrong day can make me upset for OUR ENTIRE CULTURE. No, wait, that's an accidental pun. OUR ENTIRE SOCIETY. It is so irritating that yogurt is considered a "diet food" and so it is a squinty-eyed struggle to find it with both FAT and REAL SUGAR.
StephLove said…
I discovered yesterday that I may no longer have sensible boot for deep puddles of water or slush by wading into the ocean. Water came right through the cracks I didn't know were there.

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