It's Friday - Have Some Funny Stuff

I was reminded of this while talking to Hannah (Hi Hannah!) about... something. I read it again and it made me laugh out loud again, so if you haven't seen it, you're welcome. ("We are just honking each other whilst saying "honk" for, like, ten minutes. I want a video of this played at our wedding.")

It's doubly funny because she used the word "whilst". Also, this reminding thing reminded me of another thing, which is that at my cousin's wedding the best man was introducing the groomsmen and for one he said "now Mike, here.... he's a pimp." And my other cousin sighed, "it's a good thing Grandma and Grandpa are dead."

This came across my Facebook again today and it always makes me giggle out loud too. "Fuck, fuck, the dog sees me."

Oh, and then there's this, which is insanely cool, and the kind of thing that I always think would make a great Christmas present for someone, and then I try to think who, and it's not quite right for anyone on my regular list, so I either don't buy one or I end up buying it for someone I normally wouldn't buy a Christmas present for at all, so actually, get away from me stupid cool thing, you're just going to make me spend more money and probably create a slightly awkward social situation.

And with this lame attempt at a post, I am now going to go smother my stupid dog who keeps barking at all the things that freak her out, like air and light. One week down! Not really, because it started on Tuesday, and it's Friday, not Sunday, but whatever! We can DO THIS. Or maybe not, but we'll give it a shot.


Nicole Boyhouse said…
I love all these things! You just made my Friday happier :)
StephLove said…
I'll sit up when I see something worth sitting up for
Hannah said…
I bookmarked that 50 Shades post for bad days so I can read it whenever I need a pick me up.

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