Day 8

I've got nothing, really. I spent the day sorting and pitching and wtf-ing in the basement storage areas again. I found books that my kids have outgrown, toys that I never managed to give them when they were age-appropriate, more gift bags than one person could ever use, and these:

That's right. Rocks. In a bag. Bags of rocks. What am I supposed to do, tell the kids they can keep whichever rocks have names? That's what we used to do with the stuffed animals (they all had names. Every single one.)

On the plus side, I can now open and close the storage closet door again. On the minus side, my dining room table is covered with crap to donate, give away or sell (which might give me another Facebook Groups blog post, so maybe it's a plus after all).

Also, here is a picture of Lucy objecting to me reading instead of paying attention to her:

She's extremely clingy right now and periodically driving me crazy, but I love her.

Alright, back to stressing over election results. 


StephLove said…
June had a friend over yesterday and they had the following conversation.

Friend: Guess what I got for my birthday?
June: What?
Friend: A bonsai tree!
June: What did you name it?

As is that's a totally normal question. And she HAD named it, though what I didn't catch.
Nicole said…
Rocks! Mark has a giant bowl full of rocks in his room that he collected from various places. I don't know if they are named though.

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