Summer Catch-Up: Halifax, Part Two

Friday morning we got up and headed down to wander along the waterfront some more, because for land-locked folk like us, it really never gets old - okay, for me it never gets old, and Eve was happy finding a buttload of Pokemon. We wandered around looking at stuff, enjoying the East Coast accents and getting tattooed.

We had a lunch on a beautiful open-air patio, and when Theodore Tugboat approached, Eve, who used to find him delightful when I would bring pictures home from previous trips, now pronounced him unutterably creepy.

We went back to the hotel to wash up for dinner and made the horrifying discovery that....

We'd brought the same toothbrush, and now we had no idea whose was whose.

We met Anne Marie for dinner at the same restaurant where we ate with her SEVEN years ago when we were all here to see the tall ships.

 I had a mandarin mojito that was so fucking exquisite it even won Eve over.

I think oysters are the height of sophistication and elegance. I just can't actually make myself eat one.

After dinner we were slowly walking Eve back to the hotel so we could go out for a drink. Remember how when we bought the Rav and got Sirius Satellite free for a year, Eve discovered the Billy Joel channel and developed a now-permanent obsession? As we were walking past The Lower Deck, the cover band there started playing My Life. So we lost our minds.

Back in first-year university when we roomed together, Anne Marie and I were all Proclaimers, all the time. So when we walked a few more streets up (and I do mean up - remember, this was Halifax. When I stopped the car, Eve would have to cover her eyes and ears and sing to convinced herself we weren't going to fall down the hill) and through the open window of another bar we heard this:

This should be a short video clip of the end of 500 Miles, with two men on guitars visible through the window behind a few patio tables and a portly waiter serving beer. You'll have to imagine it for yourself, along with all the ways I violated the English language while trying to upload the video.

Well, shit, this was turning into a Mystical Musical Journey of a night.

We got Eve settled back at the hotel and went back down to The Lower Deck. We bought beer from a guy in a kilt and the band started playing this song. Anne Marie explained that Ron Hines was sort of the Gordon Lightfoot of the east coast, and said "this song is basically about emotional incest, but it's such a damned catchy tune!"

Then they played ANOTHER Billy Joel song and I had to text Eve a video. A few songs later, some girl yelled something and the lead singer said "What? You want to hear American Pie?" Anne Marie said "Jesus, someone must be really drunk." I thought I really didn't want to hear American Pie, but it turned out I kind of did - even with a few of the verses mixed up.

Walking around a beautiful city, with two of my favourite people. I'm a lucky, lucky girl.


StephLove said…
Sounds like fun trip.

I'm impressed at your detailed recall after weeks (or months?). If I don't blog something within a week, all the crispness of the memory is gone.
Nicole said…
Eewwwwww oysters. THEY'RE STILL ALIVE! That's probably why you can't eat them BECAUSE THEY'RE GROSSSSSS.


Um, anyway. Theodore, he's a tugboat and a very very helpful tugboat too...

I have nothing intelligent to say, it seems.
Dimitra said…
What a perfect day! Definitely one to remember....xo

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