Oh, Never Mind, Blogging's Dead

I was so anxious about the fact that I wasn't blogging back in - whenever that was. At one point, I started typing my URL and it didn't auto-populate to my site, but sent me to the Ottawa Public Library instead. I felt sick.

Then I thought - what the hell am I worried about? I don't get paid for this. I figured out quite a while ago that I'm not going to try to get paid for this. Are all my readers going to leave? Well, most of them are my friends, so chances are NOT.

I get confused about what exactly this blog is sometimes. Who cares? It doesn't have to be anything. I can just write about whatever random nonsense is in my head, or write down things that I don't want to forget, like how today after I took the kids to the meet-and-greet appointment with their new doctor at the ridiculously close-by new clinic, which lifted my kids-doctor's-appointments anxiety by eight hundred percent, we went to the Dairy Queen and they fake-fought hilariously and poked each other with ice cream spoons and then we saw one of Angus's friends and he was waving at me and I thought he was a total stranger because I hadn't seen him for a year and suddenly he looks like a man. Then when we got home, one of Eve's friends had moved our little green decorative chair from the side of the front step to right in front of the door and left a little pop figure of Hermione on it for Eve, but Angus was unfamiliar with pop figures and found the movie Annabelle terrifying and thought someone had left us an evil cursed doll, so he jumped out of the car, grabbed the doll and ran down the road screaming and tried to throw it in the bush.

So hey, if you're still here, thanks for waiting, or coming back. Apparently blogging's dead, but so is eighties hair and I'm still rocking that. I love hanging out with you here, and that's what I'm going to keep making myself remember.


Shan said…
I love everything about this!
Sarah McCormack said…
I love your blog.. and also you!! that's it.
Nicole Boyhouse said…
I'll always be here, you know that. I'll never leave you, baby *strokes hair*

Was that weird? Probably.

My whole outlook on blogging right now is to just write whatever weird thing is happening in my life, and mostly that seems to be about grocery shopping.
Dimitra said…
I love everything your blog is about, especially the way you describe everyday events...you really make them come alive and make me feel part of "the moment" and I love that you share that with us....thank for all the smiles and laughter...You're stuck with me!
StephLove said…
Welcome, back. I missed you.
Lynn said…
We're always hanging around here, ready for whenever you want to drop by. Just TRY to get rid of us :).
Julie Leclair said…
Yay! A post. I'll continue to stalk you.
I'm still reading and glad you are still blogging.
Hannah said…
This is inspiring me to try and dust my blog off, too.


I'm with Angus on the doll thing, by the way. Just no.

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