I was walking Lucy just as it was starting to get dark. As we rounded the park, I heard a lonely honk from above and looked up to see a lone goose crossing the sky. Within the next ten steps I had a whole Disney movie playing in my mind about the poor goose got left behind and was flying frantically southward trying to catch up to his flock. Thankfully, before we headed back home, a little posse of six or so more flew overhead in the same direction (well, I mean, duh). Otherwise I think I would have been sad and worried all evening.

I might need more hobbies.


StephLove said…
Finding Nemo with geese?
Anonymous said…
Ms. G said…
Ahhh LOL, I know what you mean. And the older I get the worse it gets. Far as I can tell the geese started moving to Florida a few years ago. I'll keep an eye out for him. Make sure he gets settled alright.

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