Happy Tuesday To Me

So yesterday I got this email:

Dear Allison,

Thank you for your funny, informative and engaging blog.  I have been following it since Angus went to the World Junior Baseball championships and enjoy it immensely.

I am actually looking for a book suggestion for my little brother (he's actually 30).  He loves Science Fiction, reads like crazy and particularly loves series...I've asked around and almost everyone has suggested something he has already read, so I thought emailing you was worth a shot.

Totally cool if you don't have any, and thanks again for your blog.


Person whose name I'm not sharing because of privacy reasons, NOT because I made her up to feel better about myself. Why are you all looking at me like that? My blog is funny, informative and engaging, people who aren't even RELATED to me think so! 

Really. Imagine my elation when I read past the first line and realized it wasn't someone pitching me to flog dried Brussels sprouts or review an app that lets you rate your podiatrist by hotness, but someone genuinely asking a question about books, with a compliment thrown in to boot? 

Way cool.

Of course, there's a possibility this could all go horribly wrong and the brother will really hate the book (Matt's uncle's wife asked me for a rec once and I told her to buy his uncle the Feed trilogy and he didn't like it and our relationship has really never been the same - I can hardly accept all the beers he hands me at the cottage every summer without glowering a little) and I'll have to shut down my blog and move and change my name. That's the risk you take when you become this big a deal. 


Nicole said…
I love you! I find you funny, informative, and engaging too! xoxo

Don't you love it when you get something like this and it's NOT SPAM or, like the email I got the other day, a pitch to use a special nipple shield for breastfeeding and then give my readers a coupon for 15% off? If I were to breastfeed my kids at this time I think that I would be shunned from the community, just SAYING. Nipple shield or not.
Alison said…
How cool! It's always a good feeling to feel validated by someone who isn't related to you (because, you know, they HAVE to be nice to you.)
Hannah said…
This is so lovely!! Nothing like random, thoughtful compliments to brighten your day.

Oh, and I took out the e-book The Library at Char Hill on your recommendation. It started off SO WELL OMG. Then for some reason the e-book file was corrupted and the whole middle of the book was missing. YAAARGH.

Planning to actually buy the damn book after Christmas.
StephLove said…
Did you make a recommendation?

And you are all the things she said, in spades.

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