So this is just my life now?

Went into the kids' bathroom to tidy up for cleaning today. Put away some mouthwash and moisturizer and moved a shaving kit. Found this. Because why not?


Anonymous said…

This has inspired me to take a photo of the next weird thing I see on the Things' bathroom floor. I couldn't possibly show ALL the weird things because it would take the rest of my life. Why why whyyyy does everything go on the floor?

Swear to Jobs! Thing 1 came home from school today and - right in front of me - whipped off a sock and threw it on his bedroom floor.

I may have actually growled like a mad dog. Who's to say? It's a mystery, really. Whatever primal sound I made it caused him to retrieve the sock immediately and head to the laundry room and avoid meeting my gaze. Just as well. There were daggers at the ready. ;)
Alison said…
temperedwithkindness, your story made me laugh with recognition. Maybe I should blog about times when I frightened my kids because of my reaction to something they did.

I don't know what odd things I might find lying around. Most of the time the objects I find out of place are ordinary, they're just in the Wrong. Freaking. Place.
Sasha said…
LOL. Why not indeed.
Unknown said…
It took a moment for the picture to load. It is amazing how many possible things it could be came through my head in that moment.

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