Random Picture Saturday

Random picture of Angus and a dude I don't know downtown on their French field trip.

Random picture of Lucy in one of her Halloween costumes (Eve made me!) We have since granted her burning wish to Go Medieval On Its Ass.

Random picture of the pumpkin pie Angus made in cooking class and then rode him with in his backpack. We redistributed the filling and it was delicious. His crust is better than my mom's, and she is extremely pissed off about this. 

Random picture of something I found while cleaning the music books off the piano. We have no idea where it came from. I think it might be an alien.

Random picture of Angus being pensive on a ferry. 

Random picture of a banana dog. You're welcome.


Hannah said…
I like Angus a lot and think he's a pretty awesome kid, but only a teenage boy would carry a pumpkin pie home in a backpack.
Alison said…
Angus is so handsome in that first pic. I love Lucy's expression. My daughter also inflicts outfits upon our terrier until I take pity on the poor animal.
Nicole said…
Lucy has the best costume ever!

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