New Heights

If you're wondering why I'm blogging about Eve's sixth-grade graduation, which took place last June, in November, please refer to this post. It's NaBloPoMo, people. Literally Anything Goes.

So yeah. It was graduation. They wore fancy dresses. Eve won a sports award, and apparently my face demonstrated a sort of insultingly high degree of surprise. Here she is with her BFF since Day One of JK.

After the ceremony, we went home for an hour or so, and then Eve and I went to pick up Marianna because I was volunteering at the dance. I went in and Marianna's mom said "she's just putting her dress back on", and I said "right. Was she outside on the trampoline?" And then we pointed at each other and gasped inarticulately at the wonderfulness of the idea that had just struck us both.

So, this.


Swistle said…
YES TRAMPOLINE DRESSES. We must all acquire trampolines.
StephLove said…

So how's middle school going for her? (There's a topic for you if you need one.)

p.s. Some of those photos remind me of Ms. Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children (which I just finished last week).
Lynn said…
Adorable! I'm with Swistle - now I want a pretty dress AND a trampoline. And someone to take my picture doing it. Also - the legs of a teenager.
Sarah McCormack said…
I love these photos so much I can't even tell you. love. perfectly captures that time in a girls life.... dressed up like young ladies but still kids inside! love.
Sasha said…
Love everything about this post. Everything.
Anonymous said…
This is the happiest set of pictures I have seen in a while!

Fancy dresses and trampolines? YES!!

Alison said…
Oh, I too love these pictures. I wish I could be so young and carefree and yes, those endless legs.

C's school doesn't have a sixth-grade graduation and no one dresses up (at all) for the school dances. Her youth group is having a "Yule Ball" that is very dressy, though. I'm glad--I think they should dress up (yet jump on trampolines) at this age.
Kim said…
I cannot BELIEVE these pictures; they are amazing. FUCKING AMAZING.

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