How Much Do You Think This Costs?


Alison said…
I really have no idea.
Bibliomama said…
Maybe I should have said 'what would you pay for it. '
Hannah said…
I feel like this is a trick question and I'm afraid to answer. Not more than $100, anyway.
Lynn said…
It's not my style - I like tiny little pendants on almost-not-there metal chains. For me I'd say, at a craft show, probably $45 for this piece, but I wouldn't buy it for myself. As a gift, and for exactly the right person - maybe I'd pay $30?
Anonymous said…
Are we pricing the necklace or the frame or are they, together, a thing? (See what I did there, btw?)

I'm guessing $45 for the necklace. It looks new, but made from old.

I am bad at buying things. I wouldn't pay that. Dying to know now, though.

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