Eve in Grade Seven Part Two

Thanks so much for all the comments. You are all very wise, and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and stories (making a kid throw his art in the recycling? HULK FUCKING SMASH). I don't think I'm ready to talk to the teacher face to face, principally because I'm too chicken, if we're being entirely truthful here, but also because I don't really have anything to discuss with her about Eve in particular. I would also worry that it would blow back on Eve, because this teacher has shown time and again and she doesn't have it in her to be objective or impartial about anything. If a kid does something once that pisses her off, she refers to it over and over. On days when the kid has done nothing wrong, she expresses surprise that he hasn't done anything wrong. I fail to see how this creates a good learning environment.

I ran into one of Eve's mom's friends in the liquor store today (I was buying a bottle of tequila at 11:30 a.m., but that's another story). I cautiously mentioned the teacher because it was on my mind, and we had a small rant about it in the California Reds aisle.

So I'm pretty sure I will be emailing the principal. Not sure exactly when, or exactly what I'll say. But you're all right, something probably should be said, whether it will produce results or not. Who knows, maybe everyone else is assuming that someone else is complaining too, and nobody's said anything.

Now on to the next anxiety-causing thing. I made a doctor's appointment tomorrow to ask for my iron levels to be checked, and my thyroid, and whatever else they can think of that might be the reason why I'm feeling like hammered crap lately. It might just be depression or introvert exhaustion, because I knew I was due for a crash and we've had many social engagements lately. But I thought I should rule out a few things. My regular doctor, who I love, is actually on sabbatical until the end of this year, and she has a locum, who's male. It takes me a long, long time to feel comfortable with a doctor, and he's asked to see me a couple of times over the course of the year and I've ducked him until now. I could have waited until January for this, but then I thought I was being kind of dumb, so I made the appointment.

I'm pretty sure the receptionist said his name was Dr. Turkey. So that's enjoyable.


Alison said…
Hee. Doctor Turkey.

Oh, and I didn't mean my comment on the last post to be cynical. You're right, probably a lot of parents haven't complained. If they did, eventually something would HAVE to be done (a preponderance of evidence or something like that).

It's a good idea to rule purely physical stuff out. But as you know, depression tends to get worse around this time of year, what with the days getting shorter and darker and the holidays looming around the corner with their horrible, demanding, ultimately meaningless tasks whispering at you constantly...

Oh, just me then? Never mind...
StephLove said…
The doctor who's treating Noah for ADHD and anxiety is named Dr. Brain. No joke.

Good luck with Dr. Turkey. My sister had low iron and getting it addressed helped her, though she was mostly physically fatigued.
Julie Leclair said…
good call on the teacher thing. I think you would be doing a great service to the kids by bringing it up. especially as a parent of a kid that isn't being hammer by the teacher; it will bring more weight and objectivity to your comments.

good luck with the turkey. ;)
Nicole said…
Doctor Turkey? That reminds me of my friend who had an anesthesiologist called Dr. Pillow. Good for you to go get checked out, it's smart to rule out anything that could be causing exhaustion (iron, etc.)

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