Day 30 - Not With a Bang But a Whimper

Totally forgot I had an assignment due tonight. Library and Archives Canada website and Online Computer Library C....something else. Eve came down while I was shouting "THERE IS NO FUCKING DINOSAUR ENCYCLOPEDIA!" at the computer and asked if I needed a hug.

I read everyone's reactions to the whacked-out revenge story and felt smugly and serenely vindicated for a millisecond, until I realized that I tend to hang with people who share my basic worldview, so I was probably reaping the results of a whopping filter bubble. Then I decided I didn't care. I hang with you all because you are right-thinking, wise individuals. Our filter bubbles are sparkly and iridesce with many lovely colours.

I drove Angus out to personal training and we saw an unusual number of vanity license plates. He thought the ones that just had someone's name were stupid. "If I have a custom plate, it's going to be to make the person behind me laugh or spend the whole drive trying to figure out what it means". On the way home we saw one that said UNIR ONE. Well okay then. We thought maybe they just spelled unicorn really wrong.

Angus just went up to shave. Here is the Movember progression. Donation to prostate cancer research has been made.

"Wow, it really balances out your eyebrows!" Eve said after this one.

Ding dong, November's dead. Thanks to everyone for riding along. It wasn't always pretty, but we got 'er done. As usual, it's my intention to keep blogging daily for as long as I can keep it up. As usual, this will probably extend to... tomorrow, maybe.

Now I'm going to try to remember where I hid the Advent calendars. Because, you know, we're so religious. About Lindt chocolate.


StephLove said…
Bubbles: Someone was posting on FB recently about being upset by political arguments with racist rhetoric she sees there and I was thinking she must be in less than a bubble than me, because my feed is pretty like-minded. And then I wondered if that's a good thing or a bad one.

That's a pretty decent beard on your boy. I think when Noah's facial hair comes in he'll keep it because he couldn't be bothered to shave. It's a struggle getting him to brush his hair as it is.

Congrats on your posting streak.
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for your writing during NaBloPoMo, and every other post. I enjoy your writing so much!
Nicole said…
Yay for Angus! Also, I loved loved loved reading you every day (although some days I didn't read and had to catch up...but you know what I mean.)

Misspelled unicorn - ha!

Whenever I'm freaking out about something, my kids ask if I need a hug. It's nice. Although sometimes I just want to scream, you know?
Hannah said…
I had to catch up on a few days all at once, but you did it! YOU DID IT!!

Huge bosomy hugs to you. <3

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