Day 28

Thirteen minutes to post.

We saw The last Hunger Games movie tonight. It was good. It felt like a satisfying ending.

I tried to order some books from Indigo and ship them to Matt's mom and her husband last night. I couldn't find the gift wrap option. There was an item in the total saying zero charge for gift wrap, and the help screen told me how to choose the gift wrap option but it wasn't there. I spent about ten minutes going back to the beginning of the process and trying it again, thinking I must be missing something.

I finally emailed customer service. Today I got an email back saying the gift wrap option was disabled for the Black Friday Week-end promotions. Sorry that this wasn't stated on our website, they said, so you didn't waste time looking for it.

Expletive. Angry gesture. Futile wish that I could truthfully declare that I was going somewhere else in protest. But we all know I'm going to wait until Tuesday and ship the gift-wrapped books then.

What's it like to have principles? Anyone?


Anonymous said…
Ooh. Frustrating.

Was there enough of a savings to make it worthwhile to shop?

I pretty much avoided all shopping like the plague this weekend.

I did go to Sobeys and grab a bit of BOGO chicken, but really, what fun is that?!

Day 28! You rock!

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