Day 26 - Crawling Towards the Finish Line

I feel like I'm just inflicting posts on anyone still left here, rather than sharing them. I've really got nothing tonight. Well, I've got something, but I noodled around doing Christmas shopping and Freecycling stuff for so long that now I'm too tired to do that something today. I'll probably do it tomorrow. Woo-hoo, I have something for tomorrow.

Right. We're still on today.

There's a little box in the bottom right of my screen that says Complain to Blogger. I get that it means if you have a Blogger problem, but every time it catches my eye I have the urge to click it and then type "my ass is bigger than I'd like and my kitchen is messy" or something.

Matt just found out he has to go to California from Monday to Thursday. Then he comes home for two days, and leaves again on Saturday for a week in China.

I can't remember if I talked here about the 12-year-old doctor filling in for my family doctor calling me to tell me my iron levels are lower than Atlantis. So at least I have a cause to address before deciding that I'm dying of some exotic tiredness disease. He told me I could either get one kind of iron supplement that's really hard on the stomach, or another kind that's easier on the gut but more expensive. I got the more expensive kind because I figured Matt would rather pay more and hear me bitch less.


I know! Let's see what was going on last year on November 26th. Oh look, I was talking about Freecycling then too. Wow, I was funny last year.

Okay, I've got nothing. Here's a cute (?) picture of Eve from my first year blogging, which kind of encapsulates how I feel right now.

Good night.


StephLove said…
Low iron can really drain you. My sister had it for the longest time, just recently addressed and it made a big difference.
Nicole said…
Matt's unexpectedly going away AND you have no iron in your blood? Honey, come here. Nestle on Nicole's poor deflated bosom and have a spinach smoothie.

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