Day 22

Every year, Collette invites a bunch of girls to her father's cottage. 

We drive up in the morning, dump our stuff at the cottage and head to Westport. We eat at the same restaurant, usually at the same table. Every year now the waiter brings us water, someone goes to take a sip, and someone else says "oh wait, the water tastes funny here". (It's country water. We're city girls.) The french fries are really good.

Then we go shopping at the magical Narnia store, where it looks like you're in a little country store and then you start wandering around and bam, right past the clothes and the shoes there's a bookstore, a full kitchen and a live band. 

Then we go back to the cottage and play games - this year it was some extremely classy Pictionary. 

It's the kind of thing that makes you feel like life is, well... 
Photo credit Collete Antaya.
(Oh, and that necklace? $492.95. Is that not just sheer insanity?)


StephLove said…
Traditions are nice. And it seems you have a really nice group of friends.
Lynn said…
Re: the necklace: SHUT. UP. Were there actual jewels or crystals on there?

Looks like an amazing weekend!
Nicole said…
What? That seems pricey!
Jenny said…
Why, yes, actually, I think that is sheer insanity!

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