Day 20

Tired. Hip hurts. Shoulder and neck all seized up.

My sum total of answers contributed to my team's total at World Trivia Night: two. Out of one hundred.

Lilith Crane's maiden name from Cheers (Sternin). And some Irish play called the (blank) of the Western World. (Playboy).

Cover myself in glory I did not. Cover myself in potato chip crumbs and licorice stickiness I did.


Lynn said…
Oh, don't believe her, people. She's a critical member of the team. Plus she knows what "entomological" means, PLUS she knows who wrote The Exorcist, PLUS she knows who wrote Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, PLUS she can name at least two more books by Neal Stephenson than the rest of us can, PLUS she knows a novel without a hero by Thackeray, PLUS she knows what "Chatelaine" means, PLUS I'm pretty sure she knows that Soylent Green is People. PLUS she has the best hair at the table. CRITICAL.
Hannah said…
I love trivia nights, even though I am the queen of "shit, I KNOW THIS ONE!!!" and then flapping my hands fruitlessly in the air as I try to dredge the factoid out of my head.
Anonymous said…
I want to go to a trivia night. I think that would be so fun!

Of course I wouldn't get all the answers, but just going out like this would be great.

Sorry your hip hurts.

Mmmm. Chips. Mmm.
Alison said…
I believe Lynn! Trivia night sounds memory isn't so great now EXCEPT for trivial bits of information.

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