Day 18 - Hip Hip Goddamn It I Have a Lot of Crap

I'm feeling a little weary and demoralized at the moment for the following reasons:

1. My hip hurts. It hurts a lot. I'm accustomed to my feet hurting when I walk or stand a lot, and my knee got into the act a couple of years ago, but this is relatively new and sudden. It doesn't seem to matter what I do, it hurts, in a burning, grinding, miserable way, and it's sort of an integral part of most movements, so it's hard to ignore.

2. I spent most of today cooking and cleaning and organizing and Freecycling. This had a net effect of getting rid of one fleece vest and one pair of kids' boots, and moving a metric shit-ton of other crap around to different places in my house (I had a dining room table. Now it's gone). It also reminded me that my method of sorting through my kids' outgrown clothes every year and getting rid of a few more things, and then putting the rest back to go through the next year, while being a method that my sentimental and hoarding self can endure, is just a massively, MASSIVELY inefficient method of purging.

3. I ate a lot of crap today. I mean a LOT of crap. I was hanging around in the kitchen, close to all the food, and what can I say, mistakes were made.

This is how I'm addressing my concerns:

1. I can go to physiotherapy. I am in physiotherapy for my shoulder at the moment, which is a little bit improved, and it would be really nice if I could finish that and then not go back for a bit, but I'm actually very fortunate to have the option. They can figure out if it's a muscle or a joint issue and give me some exercises and do some treatment and it's possible, even likely, that my hip will not hurt forever, the way it feels like it will right now.

2. I can Freecycle more stuff over the next few days, and OFCP is coming by for donations on Monday, so I can get rid of a bunch more stuff in one fell swoop then. It won't be everything, and I will still have more small adorable pieces of clothing than I should, but it's a step. The basement looks much cleaner and more spacious than it did a few hours ago (Angus even commented on it). The last couple of boxes of Christmas decorations are neatly stacked back in the storage space just in time to come out again, but last year none of them made it back in, so I'm calling it progress. I also found a copy of Curious George plays baseball - Angus lives down in the basement so he hangs out and we talk and reminisce about the stuff I come across while I'm sorting, which is nice.

3. Tomorrow I will not eat crap Tomorrow I will eat less crap (let's not get all crazy now).

So. It's all good. Anybody want some Blues Clues VHS tapes?


StephLove said…
This is a point of contention between B & me, how many of the kids' old clothes we still have. And then I get rid of some, with great difficulty, and she's totally unimpressed and I wonder why I bother and go back to my hoarding ways.
Julie Leclair said…
i'm a ruthless purger. if i'm in the mood, if you haven't cleared it out of my path or nailed it down, it's out of the house before you can blink. it has unfortunately bit me in the ass a couple of times.
Lynn said…
I used to be a total hardcore purger - I have almost nothing left from the kids' baby years - and now I kind of regret it. I wish I had some of those tiny clothes left, and a few of the favourite books and videos. I used to be in such a hurry to be done with the baby stuff and it couldn't get out the door fast enough - now I feel kind of wistful and wish I could pop in Baby Mozart or maybe Thomas the Tank Engine every now and again. Sigh.
Nicole said…
No thanks, I just recently got rid of my own Blue's Clues, along with Backyardigans and Richard Scarry's Counting Video. Because, you know, at ten and eleven the kids totally have counting under control and also know how to print their names and share things.
Anonymous said…
Hey! I think I actually FreeCycled those Blue's Clues tapes! :D

I hope tomorrow is better!
Maggie said…
I am also a ruthless purger. Man I love to clean things out, much to the chagrin of my kids and husband. My mom was also a purger. My dad a hoarder. Without that balance they'd probably either be buried under mountains of old newspapers and grocery bags or living with two chairs and a table like some kind of post-modern spread in Architectural Digest...
slow panic said…
If they are Blue's Clues with Steve we can talk. If not. Forget it. Things went to hell once Steve left.
Tudor said…
I used to have constant hip pain - to the point where it was my companion - I got used to it being there. It took about 10 years, but I went to physio and, weirdly, yes they could make it retreat. And I could keep it retreated by doing exercises and getting occasional massages (I have a great massage guy who does not use oil, or play dreamy music - two of my most hated things about massage).

Sometimes I almost miss that hip pain now. Like, when I get out of the car (it used to intensify when I sat in the car) I wait for it to pop up. When it doesn't, it's strange.

But, never fear, if I neglect it and abuse it for a while, the pain seeps back in ... so still there!

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