Day 15

I've been in Barrie with Zarah since Thursday, which is why my posts have been short and lazy and I haven't been commenting on anyone's blog. I promise to catch up tomorrow. Right now I am highway-dopey and both happy and sad to be home again. Lucy is parkouring all over me with her caterpillar toy, Angus apparently went to a girl's house on Friday night and Eve has a cold - her current group chat with her friends is called "Get Your Flu Shot". I will come back and edit this to be less lame if I don't fall asleep in the next hour.


slow panic said…
you are a rock star for posting every day. i'm starting again and pretending i didn't miss two weeks.
Anonymous said…
Not lame!


Hitting publish.

Doing it! :D

That's a pretty cute title for a group chat.
Alison said…
Thanks for continuing to post! I always love your posts AND your comments on my posts. (How did I end up posting so much about fashion? Weird.)
Hannah said…
Dude, today I posted a picture of a chair and that was all I did, because I'm grey and despondent and just don't feel like anything. At least yours has sentences and it's STILL a little slice of your life.

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