Because This Mo can Blo Me

Go on, you can say it. We're all thinking it. I've been a sucky blogger for the past few months.

It was summer. Then my mild bipolar tendencies suddenly became less mild for a bit. For the first part of the fall I was full of energy - for getting up early, walking Lucy, working out, cleaning out closets and storage spaces, going out at night. I didn't read as much and I didn't have the focus to sit down and write.

Then came the ugly and inevitable crash. Couldn't wake up. The big assignment I had three-quarters done three weeks early languished unfinished. Had to drag myself to the gym and around the park with Lucy. We had frozen pizza for dinner TWICE last week (granted, on one of those nights there was no one here to actually eat anyway, but still.) Everything hurts. I've become borderline narcoleptic.

(You could be forgiven at this point for assuming that 'bipolar' means 'makes excuses for not blogging in both official languages').

And now it's November. It's cold and dark (except for my husband, who just left for Florida for a week, ISN'T THAT NICE FOR HIM?) and makes me question all my life choices and the cursed change is upon us and I don't know where I'm going to summon the wherewithal to finish my course and find my dining room table and feed my children, but NaBloPoMo is what I DO in November, and  I WILL blog every day. It won't be pretty, and it won't be easy, and there might be no one left here to read it, but it will be done.

Okay, I sat here staring at this for ten minutes trying to think of something witty to add, but how about I don't hurt myself the first day out?


Hannah said…
You and me, baby. We're in this together. I'm going to need something to sustain me.

I woke up this morning, thought "ugh, November" and then realized it was raining. Cold November Rain! That song has been in my head for 13 hours.
StephLove said…
Earlier today I actually thought: It's November, I wonder if Allison will do NaBloMo? If you write it, I will read it. I hope November looks up for you.
Sasha said…
YOU GO GIRL! I actually had something to post today and nearly did... then I realized what month it was and decided I'd better wait until tomorrow lest I start getting crazy ideas.

Crap, now I feel like I really should go post it, because what if I get on a roll????

Ha. As if.

Mad props to you. My goal will be to read every day instead, how 'bout that?
Sasha said…
Never mind, I just posted it. LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO.
slow panic said…
it's the first day. your blog is nine thousand times better than mine. trust me. i have never ever made it through november but going to try. again.
clara said…
It's hard to hold a candle in the cold, November rain, but this blog is a pretty close approximation. To a candle, I mean. Do you have a candle lit right now? You should go light one.
Kim said…
You know, I am glad I chose today to check in here, and I will be here while you write. This even makes me want to try blogging this month. I have two hours and change!
Alison said…
Seriously, do we share a brain as well as our (awesome) name? This year I'm either full of All! The! Energy! or curled in the fetal position full of nameless dread.

And now I think I need to do NaBloMo for the first time. I've been meaning to write more and this will be my motivation. (Can you tell I'm back in the "up" part of the cycle?)

Lynn said…
I'm in, in a lackadaisical half-assed kind of way. I think if we promise ourselves cupcakes for every day we post we'll make it. Right?
Anonymous said…
If there were a prize for first NaBloPoMo title you would be holding it in your hands right now. I laughed out loud. (Literally.)

I am glad you are doing it anyway and I am certain your readers will be following along.

I, for one, will be back every damn day! GO YOU!

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