Angus doing Movember

Week One.

Week Two: ("I won't smile", he said, "so you can see it. Can you see it?")


Alison said…
Yes, I can see it (but I can see why he said that not smiling would ensure that it was visible.)
Hannah said…
How can he be old enough to do Movember????

(I can totally see it.)
Anonymous said…
It's pretty great actually!

My darling husband wouldn't have been able to grow a moustache like that at Angus' age. He was barely shaving when he was in his mid 20s. :D

Way to go Angus! Anything for a good cause.
StephLove said…
Noah doesn't shave-- on a good day he remembers to put on deodorant-- and the permanent state of his upper lip is probably about where Angus's was on day 3 or 4.

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