The Giving of the Thanks

It's hard not to be thankful when your sister (who poses for pictures so much more gracefully than her daughter)

Turns her kick-ass attic into a Hogwarts dormitory

for this motley crew;

and a visit to the shoe outlet results in this kind of entertainment; 

I mean, seriously?

Yep, seriously. (My sister is tall. My niece has really good balance).

AND it's warm enough for Eve to handily beat Angus at 21 (several times) in short sleeves;

and there's a schoolyard next door where she can practice being a badass (a touch more practice might be in order);

and when I say 'oh wait, we need a turkey-carving picture', my ever-gracious brother-in-law gives me this:

and, well, in the spirit of full disclosure....

and, of course,

So full. On so many levels. 


Alison said…
It sounds amazing! It's so great when extended family members actually LIKE each other and have fun.
Hannah said…
I know this is creepy but can your family adopt me?
StephLove said…
I'm glad you had a good holiday.

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