Well here we are

I'm restless. The kids are back in school. Eve has calmed down, although her stories of her homeroom group wandering the halls looking for their next class, complicated by incorrect timetables and sections that are closed for construction are quite entertaining. Angus has somehow ended up as the only grade ten student in an eleventh-grade fitness class - no one is quite sure how this happened.

I don't know quite what to do with myself. I don't feel like working on my course. I don't feel like writing. I barely feel like reading. So right now I'm just walking. I get the kids to school, and I get Lucy leashed up, and I wander all over Barrhaven. Sometimes I stop in somewhere. Sometimes I don't. My feet hurt. My hips hurt. My back hurts. But my dog is really happy.

I guess for now I'll just keep walking until I get somewhere.


StephLove said…
Good luck on the journey. I'd walk with you if I could.
Nicole said…
I wish you could walk all the way to my house! Wait. I'm not sure, that's a really long way. I wish I was in walking distance to your house! That sounds better. xoxo
Sasha said…
Walking is wonderfully therapeutic. And you're still writing, obvs. Kudos, 'cuz that's hard.
Lola said…
Feeling a bit similar...we should walk and meet up at the coffee shop!

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