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Okay, I'm just going to start small or I'll never start at all (great, now I'm BLOGGING in Air Supply lyrics).

I love when Zarah visits because most of our conversations go like this: "Want to go for a walk?" "Yes"; "There's a really good bagel place on the way home, should we-" "-Yes"; "There's a new ice cream place by the-" "-Yes". "Are we letting the kids stay up late to watch another-" "Yes".

Eve was in a basketball camp at Carleton University last week with two of her friends, one of whom plays competitive and is crazy good but also amazing at encouraging people who aren't as good. The first couple of days she came home happy but flat-out exhausted and a bit worried that the counselors would assume she could do things she couldn't actually do, like dribble between her legs and behind her back. But they got lunch in the cafeteria and swimming in the afternoon, so it was good enough, and in one five-on-five a boy who kept refusing to pass to her finally had to and she swished it, and she said "then he high-fived me - I guess because he figured out I had arms".

THEN the third day was "the best ever" because one of the counselors (they're all players on the university's team, and the girls found it hilarious watching the big tall guys in the cafeteria with eight glasses of orange juice and three trays of food) traded to get her on his all-girl team, and she was with her friend, and they ended up being the first all-girls team to win the end-of-camp tournament. And she can almost dribble between her legs and behind her back. Eve is quite good at a lot of things but doesn't have a lot of experience with that kind of intense activity, which I think is good for everyone to experience now and then. She came home with blisters and scrapes and bruises and was falling asleep on the couch by eight - she loved it and already wants to go back next year.

Lucy is sitting on my foot, so I'm going to go walk her.


slow panic said…
Good for Eve. That sounds like a great week at camp.

I fall asleep on the couch every night at 8:00 too. Unfortunately it's just due to middle ageness and not physical exertion.
Julie Leclair said…
Yeah Eve! I wish I had that kind of camp when I was a kid.
StephLove said…
A concert at 7 p.m.? I'm there. I hate staying up late. (And I did like Air Supply in middle school.)

I'm glad Eve enjoyed b-ball camp. I thought it would be good for June because she loves the game but (don't tell her I said so) isn't very good at it. But I also said she could only do six weeks of camp this summer and it didn't make the cut. She's at gymnastics camp this week and it did seem to wear her out yesterday until she came home and ate and ate and ate and then she perked up. Guess she burned a lot of calories.
Maria said…
My daughter is a basketball NUT and she would thrive at this sort of thing. And I have a dog named Socks who does the exact same thing. He sits on my foot and looks up at me with his sad eyes or else stands in front of the back door making these yipping noises if he has to pee like a race horse and we are ignoring him....

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