What Happened Before I Got Sad

I slid rather precipitously into the Slough of Despond when Zarah left, so pretend I'm posting this last Monday, okay?

The bad thing about having Zarah and the kids come for their weekly summer visit right after school ends is that we're all kind of exhausted.

The good thing is that we already feel like we've done a bunch of fun summer stuff when July's barely started.

Like trying on floppy hats in the market.

Learning about gladiators (this picture is misleading; apparently gladiators were fed well because they needed muscular strength but also a generous layer of fat.)

Trying on gladiator armour and realizing it would be really freaking hard to just walk wearing this stuff, never mind fight and look like Russell Crowe. 

I don't remember this outfit from Spartacus, do you?

I did take a picture without the neon green shoes, but I prefer the one with it. 

Sophie helped me make biscuits. I taught her about the Ugly Biscuit, which is the one that you make last when there isn't enough to cut anymore, so you smush the remaining bits of dough together and it bakes all crazy. Usually Eve claims it, but Sophie got the Ugly Biscuit from the first batch this time.

Yes, we WILL force Angus out of the basement, AND fit seven people at the table for dinner. 

....Whatever this is. 

Walk the dog on the trail by the river and see if we could finally tire her out. 

We couldn't. 

Try out the pub that Matt and I have driven by in North Gower on the way to Smiths Falls a few dozen times. Best coconut cream pie EVER. 

And ice cream. Lots of ice cream. If I posted pictures of all the ice cream, you would lose all respect for us.

Summer ahoy. Stay tuned for more out-of-order really-late blog posts.


StephLove said…
I'm glad you had a good visit and I hope you find your way out the slough soon.

No judging about ice cream here. We bought vanilla ice cream two weekends ago because I'd made sour cherry sauce but we finished it before the sauce ran out so we bought more for sour cherry sauce brownie sundaes and then I made blackberry sauce so we needed more and then blueberry kuchen which required yet more. We are keeping the vanilla ice cream manufacturers of the DC metro area in business, I tell you. (And I've been thinking about peach cobbler.)
Julie Leclair said…
Hope you are out of the sadness. *hugs*
Nicole said…
I love the ugly biscuit! I also have ugly sugar cookies :)

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