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Things have let up in general the past couple of weeks - easier course, no big appointments, no big volunteer commitments. This should mean that I write MORE, not less, but it keeps not working out that way. I really need to put myself on a schedule. I really don't know why I keep not doing this (the words "self-defeating personality disorder" do spring to mind). I'm even worse with the blog I'm supposed to be doing with Hannah and Nicole, and you'd think I'd snap fucking TO for that one because I love them and I'd really like to not be the whiny little suckhole who has to be rescued or talked down from the ledge every time my turn comes up (which is EVERY THREE WEEKS, it's not like I'm ever on a tight deadline).

I had a dream last night that we discovered that there was a low-grade carbon monoxide leak in our house - not enough to kill us, just enough to explain why I've been so irretrievably dim lately. Like trying to buy tickets to Hairspray for a Sunday matinee and ending up with tickets for a Saturday night performance. Like being on the verge of FINALLY wrapping my sister's birthday gift and taking it to the post office on Monday, then realizing that she's actually coming to Ottawa ON FRIDAY. And going to put a cash deposit down on cupcakes for my birthday party and then pulling out my checkbook and writing the woman a check - I assumed she ran a cash business, but I don't know, if you have a Facebook page does that mean you're all official like? I just got a blog pitch from Conscious Media Relations for "books that cover such topics as inspiration, memoir, self-help, personal growth, women and men's empowerment, wellness and healthy aging, conscious living, spirituality, conscious parenting, life quality enhancement, global and personal advancement, paranormal, sustainability, nature, environment/green living, and social causes, etc," and I'm like "lady, you lost me at 'conscious'"

In other breaking news, Angus grew his hair out for months just to torture me...

Check out the Billy Idol sneer.

...then got tired of having to shower every morning just to avoid looking like a vagrant.
Eve keeps saying "your head looks so small!"
This is Eve and Lucy helping with the gardening.

As humble as this effort is, due to time restrictions and bodily infirmities, I thought nothing at all was going to get done, so I am inexpressibly grateful for this.

Lucy subsequently ate the Gerberas. Oh well - my mother DID say they had to be deadheaded frequently...

Lucy found a nasty old tennis ball in the back yard and it has become her new totem. We play a game where she comes to the door to be let in, drops the ball because it too big to hold for long, I open the door, she tries to grab the ball and scramble into the house, I close the door again, ad infinitum. It passes the time. 

Yesterday I did go in to school to help out with the last hot dog day - I don't usually, but I was going in to the library anyway, so I figured I'd see if they needed help, and they did. I had to wear plastic gloves that made my hands feel like they were suffocating. I was okay at opening the buns and stuffing the wieners in (hee), but I was crap at rolling a hot dog up in ONE napkin - I kept getting three or four. Stupid gloves - people wear those to do brain surgery? Note to self - avoid needing brain surgery. Then I went into the library and started the end-of-the-year shelf reading, which is incredibly satisfying. When I'm shelving books, I often have the impulse to rip a whole shelf apart and re-shelve the whole thing, but I don't often do it because of all the other books that need shelving. Shelf-reading means you do exactly that, and when you're done, the books are SHIPSHAPE, I tell you, not a number or letter out of order - so unlike the rest of my life (looks around at objects on kitchen table, which include iphone, ipad, bag of Epsom salts, packing slip for Lunapads and a blue origami flower.) Then I drove home and took Lucy out for a walk and realized it was about fifteen minutes until school dismissal, which meant if we walked back to school we could meet Eve and she could show off Lucy to her friends. So we did. We came home happy but exhausted and dehydrated. Lucy went to have a nap. I had to make dinner. I was bitter about the division of labour until I realized I could have black bean empanadas for dinner and Lucy had to have Science Diet. 


Swistle said…
I do love the sneer.

I have been so dim lately too. What the heck, is my feeling on that. Like, I put our checking account wayyyyyy in the red (luckily caught, by sheerest coincidence, before I bounced any checks) because...well, it was a dim mistake. REALLY dim. Like, okay, I will just tell you: I switched checkbook registers, and transferred the balance WITHOUT FINISHING ADDING UP THE OLD REGISTER. Also I've been doing things like saying, "Why, YES, I can come in for an x:xx appointment!"---without remembering that I need to be SOMEWHERE OBVIOUS at that time. Or worse: thinking, "That will be perfect, because I'll be done doing X at 2:00 exactly, so that means I can be twenty minutes away for a 2:00 appointment!"
Alison said…
I must have self-defeating personality disorder too. I haven't gotten much done at all lately.

And Lucy is just too cute for words.
Nicole said…
Lucy, no! Not the Gerberas! Love you xoxo
StephLove said…
Noah got a hair cut that was too short in October and has not consented to have his hair cut since. I don't mind it long, though. His hair has a lot of personality.

I asked June the other day if she was going to decapitate the tiger lilies just before they bloom this year and she said, "I was FOUR when I did that." I mention this every year. The revenge is almost worth losing the lilies one year.

Enjoy your visit with your sister.

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