Stream of Unconsciousness

OKAY, enough of this nonsense. True, my husband's been away two and a half weeks out of the last four AND all of the openings in my kids' heads suddenly had to be investigated during that time AND Eve and I went to London for part of March Break AND my school library instructor is kind of an ass, so I'm spending an inordinate amount of time on strange, sprawling assignments that I then get low marks on because she changes the criteria on a whim AND this is kind of annoying time to be trying to train a puppy AND my left foot has stopped working so I'm back in physio AND my obsessive tendencies have locked me into a compulsive rewatch of Supernatural from the beginning AND I've had an unwelcome anxiety resurgence or two, but none of those are really excuses. Or not really good excuses anyway. Not blogging for me is kind of like not exercising - I think I'm too tired to do it, but then not doing it makes me even more tired and depressed. And since exercising is kind of curtailed anyway because of the foot thing, I should actually be blogging DOUBLE.

But let's not get all crazy.

That's good for a start, don't you think?

Can you get a zit on your eyelid? That would be really gross.


Lynn said…
Ugh, it's ridiculous how everything always seems to spiral up at the same time, isn't it? Hang in there - puppy pics always make for great interim posts :). Good to hear from you - I had noticed you hadn't been around lately and was a little worried. I am a tiny potato and I believe you can do the thing!
StephLove said…
I know what you mean about blogging. A couple weeks between posts is normal for me, but I recently went closer to a month because I was down and I did feel just a little better when I finally blogged. I hope it does you good, too.
Mary Lynn said…
Gah, why do so many sucky things all have to happen at one. That's not right.

On the other hand, maybe you're getting them all over with in March so that April will be delightfully free of sucky things. Yes, let's go with that. April's gonna be a kick-ass month for Allison.
S said…
Good riddance to March, eh?
Ms. G said…
Well, I'm coming in a little late but I'm right there with you.and...and I'm too tired to exercise or blog-real blog anyway. My butt has been parked on the couch watching "Bewitched" episodes every afternoon that I'm not working. and I've OCD'd certain Marine Corps sites till they probably started a file on me. Be strong my friend! and eat all the Easter candy.
Anonymous said…
First of all I *love* your stream of consciousness. Pure joy to read that because it's kind of like reading my brain.

Not all the same stuff, of course, but similar enough to deserve a heapin' helpin' of empathy!

I am so with you on the writing/exercise thing. Absolute truth!

Here's to a happy, healthy April with way more good than bad.

So excited for your BOLO appearance! YAY! Congratulations!

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