Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Part Two

At one point in late November or early December, I was wandering around Bed Bath & Beyond looking for something. I was mildly depressed and not feeling holiday-ish at all, and I was thinking about when we gave Angus an Xbox for his birthday a few years ago and got that classic reaction - surprise and joy and loud exclamations - and feeling a little sad because he's always grateful and happy with whatever we get him, but the days of that reaction are gone.

Still, there are flashes of that little-boy enthusiasm. Matt took him out to get some bloodwork done just before we left for Thunder Bay, and then they went to do some last-minute Christmas shopping. Angus badgered Matt until he bought me a juicer, because he said I really wanted one (I did), and then when they got home and wrapped it, he insisted they give it to me right away.

The smile for his new catcher's mitt was pretty good too.

Then there's the new fun stuff that comes with teen-agery smartassness. Such as when he decided to wear everything he got as a gift all at once.

Like, everything.

I'm sparing you the part where he put on his UnderArmour underwear. You're welcome.

Naturally, Eve was getting in on this action.

We still get the classic reactions from her, though.

My strategy of buying ninety percent of my gifts from Indigo and Redbubble was mostly successful.
"Aleph-Bet Soup"

Although I broke Bill by giving him The Martian. "I'll never forgive you", my mother-in-law said. "He didn't say a single word to me for all of Boxing Day. (It's not true. I heard him say "Seventy pages left" at one point.)

We went straight from the airport to my mom and dad's house on the 27th so the kids could see their cousins...

...and partake in classic Christmas activities such as crokinole

and hand-sock fighting.

There was also the Christmas miracle of Angus sharing his Big League Chew with Eve on the way home. 

My son. So handsome.

Also, on that day in Bed Bath & Beyond, when I had no idea what I was going to get Angus for Christmas? I happened upon this Boston Red Sox Tervis cup. I bought it as a stocking stuffer with this "crap, I shouldn't be buying something just to buy it, he probably won't even use it, Christmas SUCKS" feeling.

Guess what hasn't been out of his big silly mitt ever since?


Swistle said...

I recognize both the Lessened Reactions thing and the Surprisingly Successes thing.

Lynn said...

Aw, a lovely heartwarming post! I love it when you post all the pics. Your kids are freakin' adorable.

Also: SUPER AWESOME about the red sox cup win. You just never know what they are going to love - all the big stuff has been passed over this year in favour of small plastic slugs I got them for their stockings. If there's one thing that brings the joy - that's enough, I say.

(But looks like he loved the rest, too.)

Also - how is the juice?

Julie L said...

where did you get the tardis earflap hat for Eve??

oh, and nice pics and all that jazz. :)

Nicole said...

OMG you got a juicer! I'm so excited for you! BRING ON THE CRAZY MIXES.

Hairline Fracture said...

The presents look awesome. And true, you never know what they will get attached to--even when mine were little, they would fall in love with a particular stuffed animal or plastic figurine. This was the Year of Minecraft for my two (had to get some Doctor Who in there too--I love the TARDIS cap!)

Maggie said...

Microbiology Lab: Staph Only has made me laugh at least 10 times already. God I love a punny shirt.

Amber Strocel said...

I am so late to this party, but those T-shirts slay me so I just had to say well done!