Thursday, November 6, 2014

She's in Awe of Me. Clearly.

Wednesday (yesterday) was Take Our Kids to Work Day. Matt was planning to take Angus until he realized that he was going to be in Japan. He arranged for a colleague who is also a family friend to take him instead. Then his best friend's mother mentioned that she could take him to the General Hospital where she works. He really, really wanted to do this (because he wanted to see the operating room and get lectured on health and wellness, you understand, not because he'd be spending the day with his friend), but he was worried that it wasn't polite to withdraw from the other committment. We were discussing this at the dinner table and Matt said he thought it was fine for Angus to go to the hospital, we would thank the other person and let them off the hook.

Then Eve said "...or he could just stay home with Mom and fold laundry - I KNOW THAT'S NOT ALL YOU DO, I REALIZED IT WAS REALLY OFFENSIVE AS SOON AS I SAID IT PLEASE DON'T TAKE MY FOOD AWAY."

Then Angus got sick and ended up having to stay home yesterday. I made every effort to look busy and important. 


Nicole said...

When my husband occasionally asks why I didn't do this or that minor thing (like going to the pharmacy or something to pick up something for him) I get all I HAVE THINGS TO DO YOU KNOW I DON'T JUST WATCH TV ALL DAY OR ANYTHING. If it's Shark Week I get especially uppity about it. Then it turns out that he just thought I was going there anyway and wondered if I could possibly pick up the Advil. Does this make sense? I don't know. I'm just going to leave it as is. YOU LOVE ME ANYWAY EVEN IF MY COMMENTS ARE WEIRD AND NONSENSICAL RIGHT?

Mary Lynn said...


I like Eve. She knows what really matters.

Bummer that Angus didn't get to see the hospital, though.

Sarah said...

Her wit sounds like her mother's wit!

Steph Lovelady said...

June wouldn't have bothered with the backpedalling... maybe in a few years when she's Eve's age.

She asked yesterday what I'd done for work and I said I wrote a piece about how to store fruits and vegetables so they last longer and she said, "Do you know ANYTHING about that?" (Considering the state of some of the vegetables in the crisper, possibly not.)

Hannah said...

Running the dayhome, I hear variations on this ALL THE TIME. Sample:

Kid 1 - My mommy works at X and my daddy works at Y.
Kid 2 - Any MY mommy works at R and my daddy works at S.
My Kid - My daddy works at F and MY MOMMY DOESN'T WORK AT ALL.

I Don't Blog said...

Bwahaha, what? That's not your full time job? Oh, I get it... you also dust, right? No?