Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day 20

Eve and I are home from the book fair and tired. We had an interview with her teacher who I already loved. She said Eve obviously doesn't face any academic difficulties, so she thinks they should focus on preparing for middle school and high school by working on the challenges of things like group work dynamics and subjects that Eve finds less engaging, like geography (poor kid has a little dead spot in her brain just like mine, where mapping skills should be). Then she said Eve was awesome, which, duh, but always nice to hear.

Then we went back to the book fair. It was crazy busy and crowded and I had to go out in the hallway every time somebody used debit or credit again and fighting through the throngs of people wearing winter coats made me claustrophobic and panicky,  but most people were awesome and we made a metric fuckton of money for the school library and by the end of the evening everything was hilarious and math stopped working in the library for a few minutes around seven o'clock and we thought about asking the principal if next year we could pipe oxygen into the library during the book fair like they do in Vegas. Then there was a lull and I walked around finding picture books and making them seem dirty (which wasn't that hard, really - There was an old woman who swallowed a stick? Oh what a trick, to swallow a stick? Seriously? Okay, she swallowed the stick to hit the puck, but come ON.) Then we played with the pom-pom pens that we had hidden behind the desk because the students kept whacking each other in the face with them. You click a little button that makes the pom-pom fly off, and it WAS oddly satisfying. 

Then we went to McDonald's and ran into some people who had been at the book fair, which made the night feel very small townish, in a good way. Then we came home and watched Bones. It started with a scene in a playground, and Eve said "oh, great. A bunch of kids are about to find a gross dead body. Why do we always watch this show while we're eating?"

Then she said something about dogs and I remembered that I had to show her this, which made me fall off my chair laughing earlier today. When she stopped laughing she said "WHY did she even sign him UP?" As a special bonus, we read the headline in the sidebar which said "Polish playground bans Pooh because 'it doesn't wear underpants'". 

And now I have to get ready for bed because Eve asked me if I would read the Bad Kitty Christmas book she got at the book fair to her just for fun. And I said I would. Because it does sound like fun.


Hannah said...

That dog video cracked my shit up. I can totally see my big goofy stupid awesome Labrador doing that.

I envy your relationship with Eve. When I first started my family I always imagined a daughter, and in my fantasy we were buddies, like you two are. I love my boys & won't be having any more babies, but your stories of you & Eve having adventures always make me a little wistful. <3

Julie L said...

yeah for metric fucktons!

just watched the video. good thing my office is away from everyone else. i'm dieing.

Steph Lovelady said...

So is metric fuckton a Canadian measurement?

Sounds like a lovely day.

Nicole said...

The pom pom pens were my downfall. The kids were hitting each other in the face but then leaving them in jumbles where they got all tangled. So I "empowered" every group of kids by saying, passive aggressively, "Could you guys do me a favour? The last class left those pens in SUCH A TERRIBLE MESS. Please organize them for me?" and then they would do it. MAGIC.

Lola said...

I so love your posts!

Maggie said...

I'm having a horrendous week at work which has only been made marginally manageable by watching that dog video about 10 times yesterday and today. I laugh every time. That dog is LIVING THE DREAM.

Shan said...

I want to hang at your bookfair.