Surly *cough wheeze* Thursday

Things that are making me surly this week:

1) This goddamned never-ending plague of never-endingness. I'm grateful that I got through Matt's school reunion and the wedding and Blissdom before I got sick, but I would VERY MUCH like to be DONE BEING SICK NOW, please. I just talked to my recovering-from-abdominal-surgery-sister who I didn't visit after Blissdom because I felt the plague coming on and didn't want to introduce it into her open wound, and I had to hang up because I eventually couldn't get any words out in between the hacking. My voice sounds like I've been swallowing sandpaper due to sucking on my inhaler every half hour (it sounds something like this). And the snot, god, the snot - is there an actual god of snot? Oh look, here's a Japanese storm god born from the snot of his creator's dripping nostril. Maybe that's why it's been rainy and dark all damned week. 

2) It's been rainy and dark all damned week. I was at physio today and the chirpy sugar-averse physio tech was rhapsodizing about we need the rain to wash everything clean. Stow it, sister, my hair looks like I've been combing it with the same sandpaper that wrecked my voice, and the fall leaves are all wet and sad lying on the street. 

3) I think the rain and snot have sludged up my memory beyond repair. I either forget to put on deodorant or forget that I HAVE put on deodorant and put it on five times - so I'm spending four times as much money on deodorant and I STILL smell less-than-fresh half the time. Also, yesterday I made tea for me and Pam and I put milk in hers and then I put milk in mine, to keep her company or maintain a nice symmetry or something, not because I WANTED milk in my tea. Then I kept forgetting there was milk in it and drinking it and wondering why it tasted weird. 

4) I think I'm adversely affecting the books I'm reading. I've been trying to read this, by an author whose previous two books were really good. The fourth night I picked it up, I realized I wanted to do anything else in the world but read this book - like, things involving garbage, or rats, or algebra. So I put it down. And then I read this, which seemed like it should be right up my alley, and all I could think was that I was SO SICK of books about family members keeping secrets from other family members and only giving hints enough to make damned sure that the person will do whatever they have to to find out what the secret is and then horror, panic, tragedy, the end. Of course, I also get really annoyed by books when someone keeps a secret and whoever finds out the secret is enraged that the secret was kept and swears that they'll never forgive the secret-keeper, because usually there's a perfectly good reason for the secret being kept and chances are you have secrets of your own so take a freaking breath and stop being so judgey.

5) I can't decide how I feel about secrets.

6) My PVR recorded Castle instead of Forever on Monday. Okay, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel now. There are probably more things that are clearly and justifiably surly-making, but I've forgotten them. I'm pretty sure I'm wearing deodorant, though. 


Swistle said…
Ha, I love #5 after #4. I feel like all book jackets I read fall into a handful of categories, and one of the biggies right now (almost as big as Everything Fine Until RIPPED APART BY TRAGEDY INVOLVING CHILD HIT BY CAR) is the Everything Fine until RIPPED APART BY SECRET.
the queen said…
Forever makes me feel like they're trying to do a mash up of House, Sherlock, and Dr Who. The man is pretty to look at.
StephLove said…
I'm sorry everything feels irritating right now. I have definitely been there. I'm kind of there now.
Jenny said…
I hope you are feeling better soon., I'm pondering all kinds of stuff since you mentioned them.

I recently switched to one of those supposedly "natural" deodorants, and it's a roll-on, which I haven't used since junior high. I also keep forgetting to put it on, so I have no idea if it's actually doing anything.
Nicole said…
The cough. The cough. I am STILL feeling like crap, although less crappy than I was.

Secrets? What kind of secrets?
Maggie said…
#4, #4, #4!! I have thoroughly had it with kept secrets, secret revealed, secret holder reviled, blah blah blah format. I don't have anything else really because evidently I'm at the front end of the never-ending cold. Am not looking forward to the next 1,000,000 weeks of coughing. Bleh.
Mary Lynn said…
The coughing plague has descended upon our household too. Hana has laryngitis, too, so it should be quieter than usual in the house, know...all the coughing.

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