Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Some things that happened in September

School started. My kids wore this on their first day.

I wanted Eve to wear this.
But I didn't insist on it. I feel pretty good about that.

Three week-ends ago, we went to our friends' cottage. There was a difference of opinion on whether or not it was still swimming weather.

My son was allowed in the knife-throwing gang even though he didn't wear the requisite navy blue hoodie. 

He also took a sharp left turn in the backpack department. He told me which website to go to, picked a black one, then suddenly said "no, wait - get that one". The colour is called "Coral Peaches Wild At Heart". And he uses it every day. 

When the kids went back to school, I started trying to organize some stuff around the house. First, I tackled the cookbook cabinet.

I could have sworn that we'd only lived here since 1999, but apparently I was wrong - clearly we moved in sometime during the 1950s.


hat if you don't care about making it attractive? Even LESS of a limit?

I could have sworn I blogged about the time in the spring when I came home from the one goddamned time I was out when my mom delivered Eve home after school, only to realize that this meant my mom went downstairs into my laundry room to put the frozen fruit she had brought me from Costco in the freezer. 

Unless you have a mother like mine, and a freezer like mine in a laundry room like mine, you can't possibly understand the terror this struck into my heart. I looked at Eve and she nodded sympathetically and said " 'the ice around the sides is THIS THICK. You can't even MOVE the basket! This hasn't been defrosted in YEARS'. I think you're going to be getting a call."

So I defrosted that motherfucker like....a motherfucker. 

...leading to one of my most-liked Facebook statuses of all time.

Two week-ends ago, we went to Toronto for a reunion of the weird little class my husband was with in his high school semester at the Ontario Science Centre. We drove down Friday, and we were supposed to check into our hotel and then immediately leave for a restaurant downtown. I was tired. We got to the hotel and I saw this:
Then I rechecked the agenda and saw that the evening's activities were supposed to include board games. I pecked my husband on the cheek, grabbed a double handful of Michael Marshall Smith and ordered room service. It was blissful.

The next day we went to the Science Centre and hung out and had dinner with a bunch of fun, goofy, geeky, hyper-intelligent people. 
(several of whom also had very nice racks).

On the Sunday, we were at a brunch at my husband's former girlfriend's house (not as awkward as it sounds). At one point, we were joking about how we both always forget our anniversary. Someone asked when it was. I said "September 21st". We kept talking for a moment, and then I said "it's totally September 21st today, isn't it" and she said "It is, but I was going to be cool about it."

Last week-end we went to Port Sydney for my husband's cousins wedding. We got home and my husband left for North Carolina and I got a cold and tonight I was making Angus's strawberry/blueberry smoothie for the morning and spilled the most extravagant purply-red spill all over the entire freaking kitchen (Angus said "I'll have toast"). And this week-end I am going to Blissdom, which will be wonderful, as soon as I get less sniffly and do some laundry so I have enough clean underwear to be blissful. There will be Hannah, and Nicole, and lentils (mixed somewhat bizarrely with carnivals), and if there are board games, well, I can always go read in my room.

Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to wash the blueberries off my feet. 


Courtney said...

I totally have cookbooks from the 50's here. They're pretty hilarious.

Hannah said...

The cottage cheese recipe!! That's from a Company's Coming cookbook, which have their uses (the canning & preserving one is awesome) but generally are like what my grandmother's recipes would have looked like, if she'd ever used any.

Steph Lovelady said...

Confessing here I still pick out J's first day of school outfit, but not N's. You get to pick your own starting in 6th grade at our house. I'm still picking both of their school picture day outfits and I'm wondering if June "forgetting" to turn in the form was a kind of protest.

Steph Lovelady said...

p.s. Eve looks adorable in both outfits, BTW.

Julie Harrison said...

I love what you picked versus what your daughter picked for first day of school. Classic. (And I love your outfit at the Science Center - you look fabulous!)

Jenny said...

Best closing line ever!

collette said...

I want that picture of Mark and your boys!! Hilarious. And I love the backpack. Angus is by far cool enough to pull it off. Next year all the other boys will be sporting coral backpacks.

The Maven said...

I did not get my invitation to the knife throwing club despite wearing navy, and now I'm a little bit annoyed about it.

Shan said...

I love everything about this post especially the recipe.

Nicole said...

I recognize that book - Company's Coming! I have Breakfasts and Brunches, which is hilarious. Some recipes: great. Some recipes: WTF. I also have Mr's grandma's Muffins and More. It's...okay. Actually I don't think I've used it for anything. Hm.

Sasha said...

The other Franklin Ship. Bahahahaha. How did I miss that update?

Sasha said...

PS. Still snickering.

Sasha said...

Also, my friend Irene posted this on Facebook and for some bizarre reason I saved it. Don't ask me why. http://www.cracked.com/quick-fixes/7-gross-foods-your-grandparents-ate-that-we-taste-tested/