Things To Do While Camping When It's Too Cold To Swim

Go on the Dunes Walk

Pose with your friends on top of a sand dune

Embrace your friend warmly on top of a sand dune

No wait, that's not what they're doing...

Okay, try to throw your friend OFF the sand dune

...then drop him

...and run away

Climb a tree. On a dune

Do bunny ears. On yourself. Because YOLO

Sit your ass down because Collette says to sit your ass down until someone takes your picture. Possibly related: climbing sand dunes is really freaking hard

Realize you have no idea where the path is and begin to feel like a pack of exiled Egyptians with no manna in sight

Find your way back to the parking lot with no small measure of relief and empty a good part of the dunes out of your shoes

Go to the movies

Photo bomb your daughter...


Build sand castles

Spend quality time with a book and some popcorn

by a campfire

Play games

(Not me, to be clear. Trying to learn cribbage always makes me wonder why people don't read more)

Snuggle a dog. For companionship AND warmth

Have a tomahawk-throwing contest, because what could go wrong? (Angus started kicking dirt around saying "I need a mound")

Have a nap

Play volleyball without a net

Collapse in hilarity watching the "how many teenagers does it take to set up a volleyball net" game

Collapse in further hilarity upon realizing that, instead of volleyball, the teenagers are going to try to play badminton very high winds

...which is really, really hard

Swim anyway


StephLove said…
Goodness, what a lot of people you were camping with. Looks like a good time.
Julie Leclair said…
so fun! i missed not doing ANY camping this year.
Nicole said…
It looks so fun! You are making camping look FUN who am I what is happening here?
sasha said…
Stop it. You're making camping look fun. :p
H Munro said…
We just got back from Sandbanks last night. We were there for the week! Would have been funny bumping into you.
Maggie said…
"Trying to learn cribbage invariably makes me wonder why everyone doesn't just read more." Truer words have never been spoken. Husband and his step dad play whenever we are on family vacations and always try to get me to play with them. Nope. I've got a book right here. Now, if I could convince someone to play gin Rummy I'd be all over it.
Hannah said…
I can't wait until my kids are just a little older and camping is more fun and less a slogging hellscape. This looks AWESOME.

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