What I've Been Doing While I'm Not Blogging

Cooking for another gourmet dinner party. 

I got the recipe from an LCBO Food & Drink Magazine

It was called a terrine. A more accurate description would be "meat, mixed with other meat..."

"....layered with other meat..."

"...wrapped in bacon."

I had to call my husband in for an engineering consult. We swaddled it and bathed it as tenderly as we would an infant. A meat infant, that we were going to roast and eat. Okay, bad simile.

We stuck it in the fridge and weighed it down with cans to squish down all the layers (NEVER NEVER do this with a baby).

Look, there are pistachios and dried cherries in it - it's practically trail mix!

Okay, admittedly, I picked this terrine recipe because it was less jellified than all the others, and there was STILL a higher degree of slipperiness than I'm generally comfortable with (sorry if I just made you gag, Nicole). But it was actually insanely delicious.


Magpie said…
that? that is hella impressive looking.
Dimitra said…
You are so brave to even attempt something new and serve at a dinner party! You've made Marianna proud with the bacon blanket! Love it!
I'm also proud of you for not hurting infants during this process.... ;0)
Nicole said…
That...doesn't look like my kind of dish. My guys would love it though! I need to live closer so we could have dinner parties.
Hannah said…
That *is* impressive. And can anything with that much bacon be wrong? I don't really think so.

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