Marginal March Monday

I tried. I really tried. I kept my head up through January. I couldn't get to the gym, but I walked my little walks on my little treadmill and shoveled the driveway without complaining and then it was February and there was Eve's birthday, which was good, then a bunch of throwing up, which was bad, but then I was better, so last Monday I cleared off a bunch of crap from the coffee table behind the couch and sorted and recycled and jettisoned and I was all set to keep going, and then I got some kind of coughing death plague so clearly the universe WANTS my house to keep being a tip and now it's motherfucking mercury-plunging nipple-scraping goddamned cold again and I'm DONE, winter, DONE - consider the white flag waved.

I told both my instructors that I was sick last week, and they both gave me extensions on my assignments, which I ended up not needing. I had another one due yesterday, though, and this time I took the extension, for I think the first time ever. And I don't really care. I guess I waved the white flag on that one too.

I hung my white flag on this bush. Oh, you can't see it? I WONDER WHY.
We haven't all eaten at the table together for almost two weeks now due to either sickness or crap piled on the table due to cleaning or me frantically working on an assignment through dinner. Look to my kids next week if any liquor stores get knocked over.

Rampant hooliganism. So sad.
BUT, last week I also cleaned out the bottom kitchen drawer where the dish cloths and tea towels live (does anyone else call them tea towels? We always called them tea towels growing up, but I don't really understand why). I thought we just had way too many dish cloth-like things that I hadn't weeded out properly, but there was an unbelievable amount of totally unusable crap in there, including ugly embroidered table runners that I wouldn't use in a hundred years and a pair of little boy's training pants. Also, way too many dish cloth-like things that I hadn't weeded out properly.

And now I can close that drawer all the way, with a satisfying little thump, for the first time in roughly four years.

And at least if I need a white cloth to wave, I can quickly lay hands on a neatly-folded, tidily stacked one.

I'm at a low, low point, you guys. I'll take my tiny victories where I can find them.


amy said…
We call them tea towels. I assume it's a British thing.
StephLove said…
We have bibs at the bottom of our kitchen towel drawer. I see them whenever I dig to the bottom and am surprised to see them there. Maybe someday I will get rid of them.

We got 4 inches yesterday and school was cancelled yesterday and today. These are cancellations #8 & 9 for those of you keeping score at home. I am making my goal for the day refraining from throwing myself off a bridge. I think I can manage that, but just barely.

I'm very sorry you've been ill. I hope it passes soon.
Julie said…
We call them tea towels too.

I am so grumpy because of this weather, that I nearly through the radio across the room when the radio person said that environment Canada was predicting a cold, snowy, wet spring. Fuck you Mother Nature!
Maggie said…
I recently cleaned out the top shelf f my glasses cupboard and found no one, but several bottles, sippy cups, bibs, and similar baby items.
My kids are 11 and nearly 5. I am now kind of afraid to clean out the dish towel drawer or any other high shelves in my kitchen.
Nicole said…
I have weirdly become someone who has forgotten what non-cold weather is. I've completely lost perspective. I think this winter is the same as every winter and I'm always cold and I always will be cold. I LITERALLY can't remember non-cold weather without massive effort.

Anyhoo, I love doing those clean ups. I need to do some of the kids' underwear/sock/pajama drawers because I can't shut them properly and you just know there's some six year old Bob the Builder underwear in there at the bottom, just taking up space.

Not long ago I cleaned out my bottom drawer where I keep stockings, pajamas, scarves, my slutty schoolgirl costume, etc. I found MATERNITY PANTYHOSE. From when I was pregnant and working, i.e., ten years ago. It felt satisfying getting rid of it.
S said…
Hang in there, lovely lady.
Swistle said…
You and Nicole are making me want to clean out a drawer or two. Not enough for me to have actually taken action yet, but I feel the urge rising.
Sasha said…
NO idea what you'd call them, if not "tea towels". Not to say my towels have ever seen tea.

And as for extensions - they're a recognition of the fact that you can't puke and type at the same time. This is ok. Never mind the white flag, I'd be giving that week the finger and moving on.

(Ok, so I probably wouldn't. But I'd tell my friends to. And they'd probably tell me the same thing too. So consider yourself told :).
Kim said…
It is surely a function of my rust belt upbringing but we called them dish towels (and dish rags).

As for Random Stuff in drawers and things: Okay, so I am just over a year here. I JUST packed up everything and moved it far far away. And yet there are things like this in more spots than I am comfortable admitting. (Exponents make me uncomfortable.)

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