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Angus has been bugging us for a few weeks to make him an appointment with Matt's university friend who is now an Ottawa dermatologist, for his face (which we don't think is that bad, but whatever). She had given us her office number and said she'd fit us in, but then SQUIRREL, and now it's a few months later and I couldn't find it. I emailed Zarah, who's in more frequent contact with her than we are, and asked if she had Jen's contact information. The next morning, I opened my ipad upstairs when I woke up and there was an email from Zarah with the pertinent details. I emailed back "Thank-you!" and went to shower. When I got downstairs and opened my computer, there was an email from Zarah that said this:

Um...huh? So I looked at my original email below, and instead of "Thank-you!" it said:

Oops! But still, what? Then I looked back at HER original email and saw this:

So she thought I was correcting her than/then use. But then MY email should have, at the VERY least, said "Than, you!" So not only did she think I was a big enough douche to correct her grammar when she was doing me a favour, but she thought I was doing it USING IMPROPER GRAMMAR.

So I emailed back:

And she said:

And also:

And finally:

And I said, well I know who I can share it with, who will TOTALLY get the awesomeness. And I didn't even point out this part to her:

Well, until  now. Because I'm an asshole. And it's the icing on the fabulous story cake. And Zarah can take it. 


StephLove said…
When I read this, Alison, my head literally exploded. It takes alot of nerve to make fun of a freind on the Internet like that.
Nicole said…
Ahahaha! I love this! I woke up this morning and it's minus 30 and I have to set up the book fair later and THIS totally made my day. So, thanks. Or than's
Bibliomama said…
Steph - I was about to be all "I asked first! She said I could!" And then I was like, "oh....OH yeah, I see what you did there." (Bonus points for using 'literally' in one of Zarah's pet peeve manners).
Patti said…
I loved that. It was an unconscious grammatical rebuke typo.

Love what Steph said. So subtle and so evil.
Patti said…
I loved that. It was an unconscious grammatical rebuke typo.

Love what Steph said. So subtle and so evil.
Patti said…
For the record, I don't even think what I wrote there is English.
Hannah said…
This is full of win. ALL THE WIN.

Sasha said…

(And that's all I'm going to write. Just in case.)
Unknown said…
Nerd is my tribe. This may become one of my sacred texts. Thanks for having faith in me as a reader (and a socially-adept but still deeply afflicted word nerd).
Alexandra Rosas said…
I go crazy when I go back and see an email or twitter or update with "I'd rather THEN then that." WTH? I know I know the difference, and yet my fingers? Grammar amnesia.
Jane said…
Love this! Oh, I've been known to be a grammar witch every now and then. But I will say this...tone of voice is often misrepresented in emails/posts. That little nugget saves all of us grammar witches when we need saving!

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